Google on Apple devices: The end is near

“I’ve always felt that the best experience includes a cherry-picking of Apple hardware, Google services and apps from both,” Mike Elgan writes for Computerworld. “For example, on my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone, my No. 1 application is Google Chrome, where I obsessively use Google Search, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google News, Google Maps, Google+, Inbox and more.”

“After the announcements at Apple WWDC last week, and at Google I/O last month, it’s clear that the days of using Google services on Apple hardware are numbered,” Elgan writes. “Soon we’ll be forced to choose between all-Google or all-Apple.”

“Apple CEO Tim Cook recently dissed advertiser-supported businesses (a not-so-subtle reference to, mainly, Google). He said: ‘You might like these so-called free services, but we don’t think they’re worth having your email, your search history and now even your family photos data-mined and sold off for God knows what advertising purpose,'” Elgan writes. “The days of using Google on Apple are coming to an end. I fear we’ll all have to choose between going all-in with Apple or all-in with Google.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mike, why not just cut out the middleman and route all of your personal information, daily calendar, photos, email, browsing history, documents, location, etc. directly to the NSA?

For anyone who “obsessively uses Google Search, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google News, Google Maps, Google+, Inbox and more,” much less settles for Android, we have a recommended reading selection for you: Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell


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    1. Switching to Duck Duck Go is a great idea, but if you don’t want to ceed you right to privacy to Google, changing search engines doesn’t even begin to cover the ways that you are being probed.

      Apologies for repeating a few examples that I’ve mentioned before, but fwiw…

      1. Your data is logged every time you use a Google map on a third party site.

      2. Google Map vehicles sniff all of your available wifi network info.

      3. Nest devices have your wifi network passwords, plus a host of other data about your home environment. They also have the ability to record audio, track when you come and go and where you are within the house (assuming multiple devices).

      4. All of Google’s ad-serving subsidiaries are tracking your location, IPs, etc.

      5. Google apps track your mobile location.

      Needless to say, if you voluntarily use any Google services, consider yourself a connected device.

        1. Another example of Apple not giving users what they want but instead giving them what they hope will make the most money for Apple.
          Apple is going in the wrong direction.

      1. Something remarkable would be if an Apple Search Engine actually found something, considering the searching is Apple’s Achilles Heel – anything search related on Apple software or services invariably fails, because Apple doesn’t comprehend the combination of context aware and related searches. Searching in Maps is particularly broken.

        So, yeah, Apple releasing a search engine would be a tragicomedy.

    1. They are currently crawling and indexing deep links, Open Graph data, Schema info, etc. In iOS 9 they will be presenting new Rich Results which include items like phone dialers, pictures, media tags like video and audio, descriptions, etc in a Smart App Banner format. These Smart App Banner links will appear both in Spotlight and Safari, be positioned at the top of the search and include links to both installed and non installed apps. So, for example, if a business’s name is searched and the business has an app then a Smart App Banner will appear at the top of the search (no matter what search engine is prevalent), which could contain things like a pic of the business, a description of the business, a phone dialer, a link to show the business’s location within Apple Maps, etc. Another example could be something more generic like “Corn Bread”. This search would show a smart app banner containing a picture of Corn Bread, a description of what it is and the name of the food app that contains a recipe for Corn Bread. When the user clicks on the banner they will be directed to the Corn Bread recipe within the app.

    1. For that last couple of years Leo Laporte has been pretty lost and confused himself. I can’t even listen to the guy anymore as he continuously fails to add in the Google caveats to Google choices like all is well. Laporte is like the Fox & The Cat in Pinocchio leading people astray to the Google Pleasure Island where the price, they find out too late, turns them into data mined asses.

    1. The end is NOT near for free Google products, because Google never gets them out of beta and to an “end” where they’re actually really usable without problems.

  1. Elgan’s use of the word “soon” here is curious. Also, Apple is not forcing anyone to make a choice, they’re just providing a, erm, Public Option if you will, to make Google compete.

  2. You can’t possibly go “all Google”, Google doesn’t make headphones, music players, real laptops or desktops, secure payment systems.

    You can not go “all Apple” since Apple doesn’t have a search engine.. Yet, but you have great alternatives and also Siri is becoming more and more a search engine.

  3. There are still Google apps on iOS. Apple has not kicked them off. Now Apple is going to make a Android app for Music. Everything he mentioned for Google is web based that any browser can get. With iCloud you can do everything on the web too. I believe Apples’s stance on privacy is aimed at the NSA as much as it is at Google. Unlike Google the NSA can arrest you and take your property.

    1. In the midst of all their other failures last Monday, I had almost forgotten about Apple’s decision to make an Android app.

      Making an app for Android is acknowledging them with respect. Egads! They’re scum, and their users are aiding and abetting theft of intellectual property. Eff Android and eff those who use it!

      Steve Jobs would NEVER have done such a boneheaded thing as that.

      1. “Steve Jobs would NEVER have done such a boneheaded thing as that.”

        I guess that’s why Steve never approved things like QuickTime or iTunes for Windows. Wait… he did just that!

        1. And yet I said NOTHING about Windows. I was talking about Android. It’s right there in the text – easy enough for all to see.

          And since you’ve forgotten, Steve Jobs himself said that he was going to go thermonuclear on this Android crap. Sadly, his health failed him and he wasn’t able to carry that out.

          Supporting Android is the very polar opposite of going thermonuclear, in case you didn’t know that. Instead, we are left with limp-wrested Tim Cook, the lisping San Francisco bathhouse pansy.

          I hope Beats is a failure and slap upside the head to Apple so that they can flush Tim Cook down the toilet where he belongs, and realign their focus and priorities to where they need to be.

          Do you have any more fallacious comments you’d like to throw my way, or have you had enough, hotshot?

          And by the way, for all of the big talk from some of you about Thinking Different, you sure as hell don’t seem to know what that means. The lot of you march lockstep like the best goose-stepping morons I’ve even seen.

          How does Tim Cook remove a condom?

          He farts!

          And by the looks of it about two-thirds of you would love to smell it.

          1. Wow, what an uniformed bigoted rant.

            Apple created many apps for Windows in recognition that there were millions of potential customers using Windows who might be swayed to switch to Apple products if they would be exposed to them. Thus, iTunes for Windows, Safari for Windows, QuickTime for Windows, etc.

            And in the “Steve Jobs would NEVER have done such a boneheaded thing as that”, well, I guess Tim Cook releasing the iPhone 6 and 6+ was pretty stupid as well, seeing as Jobs said the original iPhone’s screen size was the perfect phone screen size. Those are only the best-selling iPhones in Apple’s history, and are decimating any new releases from Android device makers. And the iPad was the perfect screen size, only it turns out the iPad mini was pretty good too, so Apple released it.

            What Tim Cook has done which is incredibly smart is to abandon Jobs’ litigation thermonuclear war against Samsung (you know, the nuclear war where both sides lose) and poured Apple’s resources at out-developing Samsung. Apple devices, phones in particular, have simply punched the NOS button and run away from Samsung, LG, Moto, etc. But all you Jobs worshippers can’t see that because Cook isn’t Jobs, and never will be, but Cook has many talents and strengths which are beyond Jobs’ abilities (just as Jobs had some which are beyond Cook).

            And the slogan is “Think Different”, not “Thinking Different”.

            Anything fallacious about these comments, or do you just plan to besmirch other people all day long?

            1. 1) You’re talking about Windows. I’m not. I said Android. Try to focus.

              2) Jobs did not only mean litigation in his “thermonuclear” comment. Supporting Android is wrong and dumb on a number of levels.

              3) What Jobs said about the larger screen sizes was a technique he’s used in the past; It’s called sandbagging the competition. Again, I’m talking about Android. Not Windows. Not iPhone screen sizes. Why is that so hard to understand?

              4) The “all you Jobs worshippers” comment is silly.

              5) Tim Cook had talents for his previous job. Not this one.

              6) I know perfectly well what the original slogan was, but adding “ing” to “Think” was grammatically necessary, you dadgumb retard.

    2. The NSA *cannot* “arrest you and take your property”. The NSA *can* provide information under law or court order to other agencies (e.g., the FBI) or departments (e.g., your state or local police) to arrest you or to another government department (e.g., DoJ or your local prosecutor’s office) who can take that information to a court to get authority to seize your property.

      Conversely, the USCBP *can* seize your property (e.g., your laptop or phone) as you leave or enter the country if they, for any reason, suspect that you have illegal materials on it (e.g., child pornography) or data related to illegal activities (e.g., account numbers and transaction numbers for your off shore accounts where you hide money from the IRS or other agencies). And when I say seize it, I mean take it and NEVER give it back. Note: they only have to have a suspicion. They don’t need a probable cause. They don’t need a warrant. This even applies if you are a U.S. citizen. You have none of the standard legal protections from search and seizure at the point of departure from or entry into the U.S.

  4. It’s easier to replace the Google search engine than it is to replace YouTube.

    Not sure why Apple didn’t buy Duck Duck Go by now or at least roll their own. They could have done so for a mere fraction of what they wasted on Beats.

    As for YT, Google beat Apple to the punch, unfortunately. If Apple had put their minds to it years ago, they could have come up with a YT alternative before YT had become ubiquitous and firmly entrenched.

    But at least we have Beats. Yay!

    1. I’m guessing Apple can’t tackle too many projects at once. It seems to me as though Apple is building a search engine infrastructure in the form of data centers. Most of the companies with that many data centers actually provide support for other companies or they’re selling data center services. Apple isn’t. I thought that last keynote was beautifully streamed but I don’t know who provided that. Apple may be getting things in order for a big push for the next AppleTV.

      For all we know, Apple may be working on some future search engine or in the planning stages of acquiring one. I’d really like to see that to make Wall Street choke on their words of Google being untouchable.

      As for YT, there’s a lot of illegal stuff on there, so Apple probably doesn’t want to go that way. However, there are lots of legal stuff on there I really do like to watch. I watch a lot of YT dramas on my Roku 3.

      1. Well, Apple could take on too many projects and end up just like Google, with labs of beta and alpha and pre-alpha research crap that gets lots of press but no real-world traction.

        Apple could own a barge that can’t dock anywhere or do anything, but smartly it does not.

  5. Well Mike, if we have to choose, than Apple is the better choice. The only reason this isn’t obvious to the masses is because Google hasn’t suffered a “cyber-9/11” attack on par with what has happened to the US Government. Or maybe it has happened but no one knows yet. And if you don’t think Google isn’t a big fat target for foreign governments than you are so far gone as a partisan Google Shill that you don’t live in reality.

  6. MIke Elgin is totally biased towards Google.

    If you see his show on TWIT TV you soon realise this.

    I won’t watch ‘Tech News today’ because everything is slanted toward Google and mike’s obsession with the company.

    In fact Mike has had a serious negative effect on the number of people watching TWIT TV and the viewer numbers are tanking big time.

    Leo LaPort is also obsessed with Google and apparently is very happy in Google knowing everything about him. I would love to see his face when someone steals his identity.

    And lets face it that’s a ticking time bomb just waiting to happen and Google is the company that will be broken apart by it when it happens.

    Personally I can’t stand anything Google. I don’t belief in a company stealing my personal information, let alone doing it to sell to advertisers.

    I think that Google should pay people for accessing their personal information – in which case here’s an invoice for $100m as that is the value of my personal information to Google.

  7. That headline could be interpreted in two different ways!

    My first reaction to it was perplexed concern: was Google announcing (in a press release, or in a speech by Eric Schmidt) that the end is near for Apple devices?

    What did Google have up its sorcerer’s sleeve? How was it going to destroy Apple’s hardware business?

    Would it undermine Apple by pulling all its apps and services from iOS and OS X? Would it reveal that its own Android M would blow the doors off iOS?

    Did its analytics reveal that Apple had absorbed all the profligate spenders in the world and had topped out in market share, permanently consigned to a niche?

    Worst of all—was Google prepared to finish off Apple by paying manufacturers to use Android, further reducing the prices of iPhone competitors?

  8. Its funny to read that while living in a country that has the most mobile devices, most internet users…and no Google. I’m starting to think how long it takes when the Chinese companies will start expanding outside China and making Google irrelevant.

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