Apple on offense at WWDC 2015

“Apple is on the offensive,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. “This is not a company content with standing by and letting Google, Facebook, Spotify and a handful of other third-parties take over critical elements of the user experience of approximately 500 million iPhone users.”

“Instead of just swinging a sword and trying to compete with everyone indiscriminately, Apple is carefully positioning its resources and the overall iOS platform to stress value propositions at which Apple has historically excelled,” Cybart writes. “These include personalization, emotion, and privacy. WWDC highlights how battles are being chosen meticulously as Apple’s mission is clear: reducing its dependency on others.”

“With the News app, Apple is trying to change users’ habits in terms of how they get content. Apple Music is a test in how successful Apple will be once again in not just getting customers to pay for something that is free elsewhere, but rethinking the music industry,” Cybart writes. “Siri and Spotlight are being positioned as Apple’s method for rethinking search. Instead of sitting back and letting third-parties have all the fun, Apple wants more.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: The best defense is a good offense.


    1. The search api/deep linking could be a game changer, especially if one day users are able to search apps that are not installed or when apps can deep link each other.

      Another area that could impact traditional browser search is contextual knowledge. For example, let’s say the OS knows the user is at the airport at 12:00 PM, the user hasn’t stopped at a place to eat yet (the system recognizes the user hasn’t spent time at a restaurant), and the flight leaves at 1:30 PM. This traveler might be prompted to eat at McDonalds via some in-app advertising or Proactive. Maybe the user will be directed to an airport directory app, which will give them directions to a place to eat within the airport. The map and path to the restaurants then appear on their Apple Watch.

  1. As we watch the demise of the printed media, the electronic media has not yet created a compelling alternative until perhaps now. Apple’s News app may be able to finally replace the advertising funded newspapers with a proper ‘targeted’ intelligent advertising system that is individualized to each reader and is non-intrusive.

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