Apple’s Marc Newson on Apple Watch, fashion and cars

“It’s 10.30am in a converted women’s prison in Victoria and Marc Newson walks into his 2,000sq ft living room that is part loft and part 1970s ski chalet; one wall is made of large rocks arranged around a fireplace,” John Arlidge reports for The Telegraph. “It’s fun and playful, just like the most sought-after product in the world right now — the Apple Watch that Ive and Newson and a 1,000-strong team of techies developed.”

“Apple announced that Newson had joined its design team last September, when the watch and the iPhone 6 were unveiled at the firm’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. But he had already been working with Ive on watches. ‘It started long before the launch of the Apple Watch,’ he says with an Australian twang,” Arlidge reports. “Three years ago he and Ive collaborated to create a customised Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox watch for an auction of their favourite objects to raise funds for RED, the charity set up by U2’s Bono to fight AIDS. It was Ive’s first watch but one of many for Newson. In the 1990s, he founded a company called Ikepod that made a few thousand watches. Ikepod and the Jaeger-LeCoultre collaboration ‘led Jony to the conclusion that it might be a good thing to get me involved on the Apple Watch,’ says Newson.”

“Both he and Ive are petrolheads. Each owns several hundred thousand pounds’ worth of mainly classic Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and Bentleys. Newson has designed a concept car for Ford,” Arlidge reports. “Car firms are racing to make their new models so hi-tech they create the auto-motive answer to the iPhone. BMW has even set up its own hi-tech division that makes electric cars with the prefix ‘i’. Why not accelerate ahead of the pack with an iCar? Newson does little to damp down the speculation: ‘There is certainly vast opportunity in that area to be more intelligent.’”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just imagine a vehicle designed by Ive and Newson!


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    1. Apple is a very large company with lots of room for talented people. Ive is the head chef. But he seems to be quite happy collaborating with Marc Newson (the sous chef?), so why get all worried about it? Personally, I think that it is great when Apple attracts new talent and adds some diversity to its creative team.

      Tim Cook, is of course, the head cook.

    1. I’m changing my brakepads this weekend, complete with bleeding the brakeline of air. My wife’s car needs a new timing chain that will cost $2-$3K. I can’t help but think that these cars are stuck in last century thinking. Thank God someone is starting from scratch.

      1. A good version of what lies in the future exists today. It is called Tesla. As much as I love my Model S, there are things I hate (‘hate’ maybe too strong) about it too. I hate that it gives everything Google and Android priority. No CARPLAY and no play nice with iPhone USB interconnect. I hate that (for $110K US) its quality of “the little things” is compromised. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in that price range……….other than an iCar built by Apple.

      1. Seriously, what’s your problem with accessible good industrial design? Newson’s stuff is not accessible. Yeah, there’s a $100 dish drainer accessory at MOMA…. And if you fly Qantas you’ll be using his cups and serving ware, but that ain’t anywhere near general distribution. I happen to _want_ to see ubiquitous and accessible _great_ design, and most industrial designers want that too.

        1. I do see that in other places, like Louis Vuitton. But then they’re not strictly in the industrial design niche formerly known as consumer elecronics. Since forms and industries are morphing and merging (wearables: tech or threads?), we ought to expect even more dislocations in our expectations. And celebs may be idiots but they draw a lot of eyeballs.

    1. If that were remotely the truth then how do you explain that Apple has a market share pretty much everywhere it trades innumerably higher than the elitist 1%rs could possibly represent. Its really not difficult to work out the lunacy in what you are writing even as you write it, if you could bother. Is trolling really that difficult to pull off?

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