Samsung to respond to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch ‘Galaxy S6 Plus’, sources say

“Samsung is rumored to be just weeks away from introducing a larger version of its flagship Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, featuring a 5.5-inch display that would match Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, and may even use the same ‘Plus’ moniker,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“The alleged ‘Galaxy S6 Plus’ name was attributed to reliable sources by Italian website on Tuesday,” Marsal reports. “It’s expected that the larger smartphone will be a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, which features a curved display on its left and right edges.”

“It’s been said that the so-called ‘Galaxy S6 Plus’ will feature a Super AMOLED display sized at either 5.4 or 5.5 inches,” Marsal reports. “In comparison, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch display.”

Samsung Galaxy S6 (left), Apple iPhone 6 (right) (image credit: TechRadar)
Samsung Galaxy S6 (left) released April 10, 2015 vs. Apple iPhone 6 (right) released September 19, 2014 (image credit: TechRadar)

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MacDailyNews Take: Why not just call it “iPhone 6 Plus by Samsung” and be done with it? The damage Samsung has already done to their brand with their rampant IP theft and blatant trade dress infringement is incalculable and yet they seem unable to wake up and stop destroying themselves. Go, Karma, go!!!


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    1. Samsung is stuck between the low cost smart phones and iPhones at the top end and can’t find a way to make a decent nickel.

      The future? More heads will roll at Samsung.

      1. Are we really going to be discussing “rounded corners”? Apple doesn’t own those either. You’ll notice I did not accuse Apple of “slavishly copying” the phablet form factor they previously ridiculed.

        1. It’s true that Apple has copied a “tree” or two from Android and Samsung. But Android, and particularly Samsung, have copied the whole damn forest, and even the CONCEPT of a forest, from Apple.

          1. Plus, to be fair, HTC was the first to make serious push into bigger screen smartphones. And while bigger screen concept is not patentable, of course, Apple and HTC are friendly for years already since they have cross-licensing agreement. Most importantly, Apple has made bigger screen phones only after inventing a way to control it in one hand (doubel tap on Home button).

        2. Apple has ridiculed phablet only because by that time double-tap-to-pull-down-the-screen function was not invented yet, so all competitor devices were unusable in one hand. Apple solved this and added big screen only after that.

          1. Actually, the Android os is easier to use with one hand because of the dedicated back button. Apple’s back button is in the most inaccessible location… the top left corner. In addition, The Galaxy Note added several features to improve accessibility with one hand, included a special mode called one-handed. Simply put, Android’s OS is easier to use one-handed.

            I like Apple, but they promoted the importance of one-handedness for a long time as a competitive advantage, while in reality… people using phablets use two hands for most operations.

            In other words, for large phones, it just isn’t that big a deal. Reachability is just Apple trying to compensate for an OS that was optimized for use as a small screen.

            1. You’re more than welcome to make one. However, it stands to reason that having a dedicated back button next to your thumb on the bottom of the device is certainly more “reachable” than the soft back button present in the standard Apple interface guidelines.

            2. That’s assuming the programmer even followed the UI guideline of placing it in the upper left corner. With Android EVERY program supports the back button because it is a standard OS feature. It would be more difficult to try to disable the ‘back’ button..

            3. I agree, this is true. It’s really just a different UX that Android has. I know people on MDN crap on Android, but it’s just different, that’s all. It has its strengths.

              On iOS, the back button is also the home button. Often times, it’s just easier to exit the app and start over if the developer put in a crappy back UI.

            4. That’s somewhat an oversimplification of what the back button does on Android.. There is a separate ‘home’ button for going back to the ‘home’ screen(s). The back button will function like the ‘home’ button when you try to ‘back’ from the ‘first card’ which is in most cases the first non-splash screen of an app. At all other times it returns the user to the previous ‘card’ of the app, each ‘card’ being a screen you have drilled down in the App or ‘called’ via an intent (e.g. entering the camera via Facebook when inserting a photo you will take immediately). Should you have gone immediately to the ‘home’ screen via the home button and then later resume the App you have left you can press the ‘back’ button to continue to a previous ‘card’ for that app session.

          2. If you are talking about reachability it is a joke. If you had ever used the even bigger screened Note you would find out that there are many hardware and software features that make it far easier to use one-handed than the iPhone 6+. The difference between the two is the Note was designed to accommodate a larger form factor. The 6+ is just a stretched iPhone5S.

            1. There’s different software features available in the 6 Plus that aren’t in the 5S. I have owned both and can assure you that it’s not merely a “stretched 5S” although even that would be fine by me, I like the larger screen with more room to view content.

        3. Each company has stolen ideas from the other; however, Samsung does take it to a ludicrous extent. The display was copied initially, now the case is constantly copied (first square sides then rounded, no antenna line then added after Apple did), and of course the British accent guy in the Galaxy S6 commercial. At some point, you have to quit saying they aren’t slavishly copying; while the courts have decided it isn’t actionable, the moral bankruptcy of absolute imitation is startling.

          1. Oh yes. There is not doubt that Samsung SLAVISHLY copies from Apple. It has been a long term trend that obviously continues to this day. Forget ye not that, despite the significant level of tech illiteracy in modern US courts, Samsung LOST a massive lawsuit to Apple specifically over ripping off Apple IP.

            1. Samsung only copied what they could get away with. The rest they tried to invent. See how that turned out?

              Even the obvious stuff they messed up so badly that their phones are routinely ranked inferior by most tech reviews.

              Now do you get why their phones suck?

            2. My thesaurus has an entry for slavish. It gives an example:

              slavish copying: UNORIGINAL, uninspired, unimaginative, uninventive, imitative.

              What does your thesaurus say?

            3. I cannot answer whether the current Galaxy build quality is any good or not; I have never used one. Initial ones were very cheap plastic. The primary problem with Samsung is the underlying operating system: Google stole Apple’s concepts without providing any security or upgradability within Android.

            4. No. There is the actual, then there is the imitation. How good is the mimicry? In this case, it sucks. But you apparently are hobbled in your senses, especially taste, to the point where you can’t tell the difference between a hamburger and the turd that results after eating a hamburger. I’m sorry for you.

            5. “Since I’m devoid of taste I bet my car sucks too.”

              Yes. And your clothes, too. And your girlfriend. Go play with your Samsung devices…

        4. Apple never claimed to patent “rounded corners”. This phrase was excerpted from the opening section describing Apple’s devices; it was not part of the patent request.

          It was Samsung’s _lawyers_ who claimed Apple tried to patent ’rounded corners’. They did this to belittle Apple and cast doubt on Apple’s valid Intellectual Property claims for many other aspects of its product designs that were openly stolen by Samsung.

          It does not say much for most people’s critical thinking abilities that they are still saying Apple tired to patent rounded corners. This includes people who should know better, like you, Applecynic, and journalists, juries, and Federal judges.

          Go read the patent filing if you want. It is not a debate. It is a matter of fact.

            1. Implementations are patented, not abstract concepts. So if Samsung cribbed how Apple did this stuff, then ya: they stole Apple’s IP.

              PS. You are a maroon.

            2. Listen Bugs, I think you made the wrong turn at Albuquerque.

              It used to be you could only patent a physical thing. In the ’90s software patents, and business practice patents became allowed. Remember Amazon’s one-click? Congress passed a bad law.

            3. applepsycho, or apple cynic, or whatever.

              No, you are wrong. derss said “by copying …frame designs”. And you said: “Are we going to discuss ’rounded corners'” to put dress down.

              Yet Samsung’s copying of Apple IP goes well beyond the bullshit claim of “rounded corners”. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth. But neither side knows what it is talking about.

              Please leave and never come back.

    1. Well, MDN is not really wrong here. Samsung was the one to start making large phones of various sizes, but here what we have is a phone that is called ‘xxx plus’, and has exact same size and shape as iPhone 6 plus. Samsung hasn’t even tried to disguise it — they are purposely calling it a plus.

      This reminds me of those knock-off brand names from the early 90s: Panasoanic (desk phones), SONI (portable stereos)… The “brands” were displayed with the same typeface as the original, and were clearly trying to (and often succeeding) dupe the ordinary consumers into believing they’re buying a real thing (not in America, though; in non-English speaking world).

      Samsung may have made some success with phablets when Apple didn’t care about the market segment. As soon as Apple entered, Samsung had no choice but to imitate once again.

    2. Not copying size – copying EVERYTHING.

      If you want to be Mr. Cynic, at least base it on accuracy and facts, such as judge holding up two tablets in court and asking Samcopy lawyer which is Apple’s and which is Samcopy’s. The lawyer – just ten feet away – couldn’t tell!!!

      1. I’ve always thought that particular argument was rather weak. As any student learning science can attest, you need a ‘control’. In this case a simple toy that was similar in shape and color to also show and see if a difference could be discerned. Besides it was the the Apple lawyer that asked the question of the Samsung lawyer. The judge is not allowed to pose questions himself other than to manage the proceedings of the court.

            1. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back. If anyone is a troll it’s the trash you write about other’s while blindly appreciating Apple. Just be prepared to be called on your bull.

            2. You said you’re not a fan of anyone. OK I believe you. But the language and tone of your posts are indistinguishable from many bona fide troll attacks here over the years… How can you blame us simpletons from getting confused?

            3. It’s called discourse. Disagreement and skepticism are not trolling. It’s not my fault if one gets upset. I’ve called no one any names, or insulted anyone’s intellect.

              Anyway, why would being cynical on Apple upset anyone?

      1. I thought the term “Phablet” was coined either by the media or Samsung to describe the first Galaxy Note as being mid-sized between the sizes of the existing smartphones and tablets at the time.

        1. I found a history table in the Wikipedia article (if WordPress will let me post another link!):

          In tracing the 10 earliest devices in the history of the phablet concept, PC Magazine called the 1993 AT&T EO 440, “the first true phablet”, followed by the following devices:

          2007 HTC Advantage (5.0 inch screen)
          2007 Nokia N810WiMAX Edition (4.13″ screen)
          2009 Verizon Hub (7.0″ screen)
          2010 LG GW990 (4.8″ screen)
          2010 Dell Streak (5.0″ screen)
          2011 Dell Streak 7 (7.0″ screen)
          2011 Acer Iconia Smart (4.8″ screen)
          2011 Samsung Galaxy Player 5 (5.0″ screen)
          2011 Pantech Pocket
          2011 Samsung Galaxy Note (5.3″ screen)

          1. BTW: The EO, the ‘first true phablet’, was purchased, not invented, by AT&T. It was called a phone and a tablet because it offered a cellular modem, rather remarkable for the time. The Apple Newton Messenger, which had been demoed by Apple the previous year, did not offer a cellular connection and therefore did not qualify.

          2. Which one of those phones became popular and lead the way to larger phones being the size for all major suppliers including Apples to market their flagships. Yes the Note.

            Who were the most vocal in lambasting the Note and larger screened phones saying they would never catch on …… iPhone fans including a lot of people on this site!

            You can also come up with a list of phones that preceded the iPhone to be the first true smartphone.

            1. That’s a fun game. But pretending Samsung has ever been much of an innovator is silly. I can take the Note and point directly back to the Palm PDAs, then back before that to… The Apple Newton. Surprise.

            2. You can’t find a list of phones before the iPhone which pushed every single other smartphone in existence to copy them, nor which completely drove the industry into mainstream acceptance.

            3. I would think the clamshell design was one that was copied by a lot of companies when it first appeared as one example. You could say it was inspired by the Star Trek communicator, but if you go that route you’d have to admit that all PDAs and tablets were inspired by PADDs too..

  1. I don’t recall apple asking any question, what is samsung responding to?
    The reality here is that sansung is not “responding”, they are just doing what they do best, to fool its clients making them believe they came out with all that while leaving them in the past.

    Wana have the phone of the future you samsung sheeps? Buy an iPhone.. And not even the latest one, buy the iPhone 4s and you will still ahead of the rest of the Samsung users.

    1. Samsung is “responding” to its own failed Galaxy S6, introduced only a couple of months ago. In Samsung’s world, if a product fails, just hurry up and introduce a new one with some changes to the spec sheet, and by golly, THAT will solve the problem!!! /s

  2. I think it’s funny they think they just got their most recent attempts wrong and now at last a new 5.5″ model “will make all the selling competitive difference,” instead of just adding to the already unsold sizable Galaxy landfill.

  3. I think ScamSkunk has the right strategy. By producing the Galaxy S 6 Plus they will lose money faster. In order to cut their losses they will have to fill half of the phone boxes they ship with rocks. Remember; tech anal-it’s count units shipped, not units sold. Shipped phone boxes filled with rocks count! 🖖😀⌚️

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