Google demos Apple Pay wannabe, ‘Android Pay’

“Google Inc. revised its mobile-payment service Thursday with new partners including wireless providers, payment networks, retailers and banks,” Alistair Barr reports for Dow Jones Business News.

“Android Pay software is included in the new version of the Android mobile-operating system, showcased at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco,” Barr reports. “Google said the payment service will be available in coming months and will work with previous versions of Android, beginning with KitKat, which came out in 2013.”

MacDailyNews Take: Such original naming.

“Android Pay doesn’t need a separate app to work on Android phones, unlike Google’s previous troubled mobile-payment efforts under the Google Wallet name,” Barr reports. “Users will be able to load their credit, debit and loyalty cards onto the phone, unlock their device with their existing password and tap to pay at more than 700,000 physical stores in the U.S., the company said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Such an innovative concept.

“The new Android operating system will support fingerprint scans to unlock phones and authorize payments,” Barr reports. “Google said phones with fingerprint readers will be available later this year.”

MacDailyNews Take: Such an innovative method.

Barr reports, “Google also hopes mobile payments in stores will help it gather more information about users’ purchases, which may show the effectiveness of Google ads.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, lookie, something Apple doesn’t already do because they place the utmost value on their users’ privacy. Google’s motto ought to be changed to “Privacy, schmivacy.”

“Google is using similar security technology as Apple, called tokenization, to protect users’ credit-card information. The technology replaces card numbers with one-time random codes, so if payment details are stolen they are un-useable,” Barr reports. “Google said Android Pay will work through the Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover payment networks.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another complete knockoff from such a shamelessly derivative, bullshit company.

Now, if only Google had users who’d spend money.


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      1. Google is developing technology that can analyze pictures and describe and index them by the content they display, gleaning information which they will sell to their advertising partners and law enforcement agencies. As always with anything google, YOU are the product that is being sold.

    1. The pundits are already claiming how Android Pay will blow past Apple Pay because of Android’s huge market share. It’s funny how Google Wallet was around three years before Apple Pay and didn’t take off at all, but now they think Android Pay will blow past Apple Pay in no time at all. The word will be out that Apple Pay has serious competition and will cause Apple more growth problems, as usual.

  1. That’s what I want to do, load my credit cards into an Android device. What was the most recent disclosure? Data can’t be erased on many Android phones. My credit card data would be floating around in the Android cesspool of data forever.

    1. Wanderer, that is exactly what I was thinking. Only a fool would load their credit card info onto an Android device.

      Hell, why not just send your credit card and personal info directly to Russian hackers or Nigerian bank representatives.

    2. This isn’t an iphone that will be handed down for generations.
      Once its time for an upgrade you just destroy the old one. No one is going to miss it or care – its an android phone. 😉

      Credit information however? Oh hell no. I won’t even input a credit card into the Play Store.

    3. If you actually read that article you would note that it only affected Android before Kitkat. If you read this one you will note that Android Pay is available only for Kitkat and newer.

        1. Not saying it’s perfect. Just that the problem you are referring to doesn’t directly affect the Android devices that will be able to use Google Pay. Nice down votes btw. 🙂

            1. Oh, that’s right. I don’t own an Android phone. Well then, by all means Android users, load your credit cards on your Android phone. Just one more nail in the “open” Android platform.

  2. On the bright side, the more these payment systems are available to all phone users the more vendors will be likely to adopt it. Who cares if Android users get the same benefits if in the end it also helps us.

  3. As with pretty much everything in consumer tech, mobile payments only succeeds once Apple shows all their competitors how to do it correctly. Not at all surprising that Google has supposedly had something called “mobile payments” for years but only comes out with a useful version of it 8 months after Apple shows everybody how it should be done.

    See also: Smart watches, tablet computers, smart phones, music players, wireless networking, digital media stores, desktop computers, and on and on…

  4. Google, are you getting more and more $tupid every year or it is just that you only have $stupid clients and your treat them like that?
    You were the first with cell phone payments, you didn’t need to change the name, just to “update” your software, now you look more “samsung” than ever calling your google wallet “android pay”. Your big fat slavish copy of apple pay could have pass unadvertised to many people (not to apple users, but) if you have stick to your original name, but no, you have to be more samsung.
    Also, if you want your android pay to work, you have to fix the bigger problem in android users and that is that ANDROID USER DON’T HAVE MONEY!! when are you going to understand that? that is why google walled fail in the first place, not because it was difficult, your blinded headless fans will use everything you trow at them, even malware and viruses, as long as they don’t have to pay a cent. That is the ecosystem you build, a poor’s people ecosystem.

  5. Consider that Android Pay only exists on a version of Android that won’t be released until later this year, and that it takes 2-3 years for a new Android release to reach a majority of Android users, you won’t be seeing Android Pay in the wild anytime soon.

  6. How is Google going to force cell phone manufacturers to have a secure enclave within their devices so that if the phone is lost or stolen or “handed down” or sold that data will never be available to anyone but the original user? (It’s already been shown that for the vast majority [may even all] Android devices there’s no such security today.)

    The answer is, “They can’t.” Cell phone manufacturers running Android just have to build a marginally functional phone that can run Android. Android, like Windows, is constructed to run on a wide variety of hardware. The hardware does not have to implement all features of Android — not even close to all. There will be many first and second (and lower) tier manufacturers that will cut corners and implement this functionality with NONE (yes, NONE) of the safeguards Apple has put into place.

    Yep, load your fingerprints and credit information into an Android phone and worry about identity theft for the rest of your life.

  7. This article sounds like quotes from some marketing douchebag that is just spouting BS. How is it going to do all this without a separate app for the 2013 and later phones without the fingerprint scanner? How is the older OS going to produce the one-time tokens. And what 700,000 stores have anything but regular credit card readers?

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