Meet OS X Yosemite Extensions

“As with many things, it’s been long enough that Extensions have come back around. Like Star Wars and Mad Max films, it seems that since enough time has passed, we get a new version of something we remember from when we were young,” Kelly Guimont reports for The Mac Observer.

“If you’re a more recent convert to Apple’s operating systems, your first exposure to Extensions was probably in iOS 8,” Guimont reports. “Luckily these are not the same sort of extensions that drove many a Mac admin to drink in the 1990s. Thanks to sandboxing and different architectures in Mac OS X, the dark art of Extension Management is much simpler now.”

Guimont reports, “Extensions show up as options you can use to customize the ‘Today’ screen, or as other choices available when you tap an action button, such as ‘Open In…'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Have you customized your Mac’s “Today” screen with Notification Center Widgets? (Apple’s Mac App Store has a collection of them.) We have and we’ve found it to be a very useful feature when properly set up for the user.


  1. We’ve had real extensions, I.e. Kernel extensions, since day 1. As I think about it they used to be the bane of my existence, always causing crashes. Every kernel panic used to trace to some kind of extension, but that seldom happens anymore. There seem to be fewer of them out there, and the ones that are don’t seem to be so badly written. Or maybe I’ve been lucky.

  2. I really, really tried to set up my Notifications so that it was useful, but for the life of me I couldn’t find anything that was there that I needed or used.

    At the moment, all notifications are off and very silent.

    I am still using Dashboard widgets but their days are numbered – I believe they Dashboard will disappear in 10.11 so I started looking again in the last few days.

    Still nothing I see of value beyond useless eye candy.

  3. Hi, I’m the author. 🙂

    I wrote this because the “Open In” and Sharing extensions are new in Yosemite and I think some folks see them but don’t necessarily know that you have control over what shows up there. So I thought it would be nice to point out.

    No ConflictCatcher here! But then, no Oscar either to sing to you when you empty the Trash. Win some lose some, I guess.

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