ResearchKit, Apple’s medical data experiment, explained

“If an Apple product is released and hundreds of people aren’t lined up outside the Apple Store to buy it, is it still an Apple product?” Katherine Boehret reports for Re/code.

“Yes. Yes, it is. The product I have in mind has been downloaded from the App Store and used by over 65,000 people in two months, and the results could impact us over several lifetimes,” Boehret reports. “I’m talking about ResearchKit, which is Apple’s way of letting people use their iOS devices and apps to join medical studies and send data to researchers.”

“Not every app requires that you have the specified disease or condition to use it, which might just prompt the do-gooder in you to open it instead of playing your 11th round of Candy Crush,” Boehret reports. “In my case, even though I don’t suffer from Parkinson’s or cardiovascular disease, I was still able to contribute data to these apps.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is Apple changing the world for the better. Contribute to ResearchKit if you can.


    1. I’m not going to defend Jeb Bush’s comments, but I hope this doesn’t become a political thread. Research Kit is an important product and side discussions like this are only distractions.

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