Google Maps points to the White House if you look for the ‘n-word’

“Someone on Google Maps just labeled President Obama a very bad word,” Brian Fung reports for The Washington Post.

“A reader points out that if you enter a search for ‘N***** king’ — which contains a particularly offensive racial epithet for African Americans — Google Maps will point you to the White House,” Fung reports. “We tested the claim on Tuesday night and confirmed that, yes, this is a thing. It even zooms the camera in, automatically.”

“Other reports suggest that you get the same result if you search for ‘n***a house.’ We’ve tested this, as well,” Fung reports. “‘Some inappropriate results are surfacing in Google Maps that should not be, and we apologize for any offense this may have caused,’ said a Google spokesperson. ‘Our teams are working to fix this issue quickly.’ A mounting list of such pranks has led Google to suspend people’s ability to submit edits to Google Maps for the time being.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “For the time being?” As in, forever?

By the way, the same searches in Apple Maps used by the Washington Post above return the closest Burger King and nothing, respectively.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. The general topic can be parsed into 3 parts: ineptness on Google’s part, the burden of social monitoring and lastly a spotlight on those who speak from the gutter.

  1. Maybe … Just maybe The Mole should get with ScamSung and work out a takeover of the … ehem Colored House and paint it day glow Gaagle colors with a 1/4 moon & stars😳

    In further news … Beep Beeep..

    SamSCUM SILENT On Disastrous S6 Sales.

    Corruption to the CORE. ALL OF EM!

    I don’t give a rats ass what color corruption is CORRUPTION!!

    Black & WHITE!!

    Fuck The System.

    1. Much as raping the D.C. scoundrels would be in the short term, as a ‘positive’ anarchist (self-description), I’d rather throw them all into a meat grinder and feed the homeless pets, then find some RESPONSIBLE people to act as representatives of We The People. No representing $$$$$$, or merely 1%, or dickhead corporatocracy parasites. ONLY representing we the individual voting citizens, no exceptions, not lobbying for any other purpose, just like the USA forefathers intended. And yes, very short term limits, again just like our forefathers intended. Lifers will be added to the meat grinder.

      Or something like that would be quite satisfactory, so say I. 😉

  2. That only happens if you’re centered in Washington, DC then search for “n****r”. If you’re in Chicago “n****r” takes you to Underground Railroad TV. In Atlanta “n****r” highlights include Morehouse College and the Centers for Disease Control. In Dallas “n****r” takes you to the University of Oklahoma. In Houston “n****r” takes you to River Oaks Baptist. In LA “n****r” highlights LAX, USC, Venice Beach, and the Ooga Booga boutique. In NYC “n****r” highlights include the NY Public Library and Pastor Daniel Manning’s church. In Boston “n****r” takes you to someone’s house in the suburbs.

    1. I will not defend google by any means. But what you are basically saying is what I believe, regardless of the down-voters.

      It shows the state of our nation. If my understandings of google searches are correct:
      1. if you type in a word,
      2. then choose one specific link which might be 1 of 100
      3. the results is tallied by the algorithm,
      4. that search will rise to number 1 with enough search requests,
      and as mentioned, it often is regional.

      IF that is true, then the culprit is:
      the low nature of our culture – combined in an algorithm that was constructed by google.

  3. If you type any disparaging word into Google, you’re likely to be sent somewhere as a result of somebody’s grudge.

    My favourite in the UK is “corruption”, which takes you to the police headquarters.

    1. Could it have been any more obvious that ARROGANT Google, swaggering around pointing fingers (albeit very useful fingers!) at everyone ELSE’S security problems, that they were going to be BLASTED TO HELL for THEIR own security problems?

      Please Google: Continue to find security flaws throughout the computer community.

      But also please: MIND YOUR OWN GLASS HOUSE you blithering, detrimental rectal pores from hell. YOU are a massive security HOLE yourself. Aren’t you.

      Arrogance hits itself hardest.

      I’ll calm down now.

  4. This may be similar in end result, although probably not in the original intent, as the google-bombing campaign for “santorum” (surname of an American conservative politician) which was executed by groups opposing his ultra-conservative positions on certain social issues. They took the word ‘santorum’, built a web site that purportedly had a dictionary definition of that word and, through coordinated grass-roots campaign of inter-linking across various sites and blogs, caused Google to rank it at the top of results for that word. For months, their site was top result when one searches for ‘santorum’. Even today, long after the campaigns ended, it is still rather high up, and other alternative versions (such as Urban Dictionary) remain near the top, while the links for the actual politician Rick Santorum are further below.

    Google often takes pride in accuracy of their organic ranking, but once you discover how the algorithm works, with enough resources you may game it and affect the ranking.

    1. Dan Savage (advice columnist, GLBT activist, father) created the alternate definition of ‘Santorum’. I’d have to point to Rick Santorum himself as inspiring the viral proliferation of that re-definition across the Internet. And yes folks, Mr. Santorum is back for more public response to his political algorithm for the 2016 US presidential election.

      It’s gonna be a horrific year and a half in the USA. *gag*

  5. The only reason this word is such a big deal is because too many people make a big deal out of this word.

    Enough already.
    Let it go.

    Also, if you think it will end with this word, you’re wrong.
    I’m sick of the ThinkSpeak Police.
    They are the TSA of communicating….

  6. It didn’t work for me. But I did search Google maps for “Hillary’s server” and it showed the White House. We all know that is wrong. Hillary has her own illegal server to hide her emails from scrutiny.

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