Jeb Bush confirmed Apple Watch user

Former Florida Governor and potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush was at Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe, Arizona for a small business tour and a town hall.

“He does not support Obamacare,” Steve Krafft reports for FOX10 Phoenix, “instead he likes the idea of the private sector creating innovations to serve people’s healthcare needs and said the heavy-handed government should not be in the picture. Interestingly, he was wearing an Apple Watch and he showed off that Apple Watch and some of the apps on the Watch, an example of the technology that will be available. He thinks government should get out of the healthcare business instead of more deeply into it.”

Ultimately, we have to get to a health system, away from a disease system… To unravel this I think we need to push power back to the states. I think that we should repeal Obamacare if given the opportunity, and replace it with a consumer directed model where people are engaged in making healthcare decisions for themselves and where they’re given the tools to do so. — Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush shows off his Apple Watch and health/fitness apps (photo: Steve Krafft via Twitter)
Jeb Bush shows off his Apple Watch and health/fitness apps (photo: Steve Krafft via Twitter)

MacDailyNews Take: That looks like a Space Gray Aluminum Apple Watch Sport or a Space Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch.

UPDATE: 4:51pm EDT: Here’s an close up of Bush’s Apple Watch. In this shot it looks like an Apple Watch, Stainless Steel Case, possible Space Black, with a Black Sport Band:

Closeup of Jeb Bush's Apple Watch (Photo: Tom Tingle/The Republic)
Closeup of Jeb Bush’s Apple Watch (Photo: Tom Tingle/The Republic)

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  1. Jeb Bush is just as much a dick weed as the rest of the republicans and neocons. Apple just lost a sale.

    And I don’t care about politics on this site. The opinions are moronic at best

      1. those people down voting me…

        tubby publican doesn’t want to buy a apple watch because J.B bought one (there’s no report Apple GAVE him one) so if J.B breathes, tubby publican won’t breathe either (as he doesn’t want to do anything J.B does ) ?

        I’m not political , I just think T.publican’s logic is stupid, so you down voters agree?

        So if Jeb Bush wears underpants you all will REFUSE?

    1. Sorry, I didn’t see any indication that JB had been given the watch by Apple.
      Are you seriously saying that because JB owns an iPhone you are going to give up using yours ? Pathetic.

  2. If Jeb will be able to distance himself from his elder brother in his thinking on geopolitical and international matters (you know, talking to God to start wars, Gog and Magog coming from Iraq, and so on), he can have chances.

    However, Jeb has hired extreme neoconservative maniacs as his advisors. They are puppets of military industrial complex and eager to start as many wars as possible to bolster their profits and share price.

    I am not sure that Jeb will be able to win the race as people are tired to more wars. By the way, not only because of his brother, but because Obama, who has illegally attacked few more countries that Jeb’s brother did, killed US citizens without trial and expanded and abused all kinds of dictatorial and totalitarian powers of the state.

    1. I will not deny any candidate LEFT or RIGHT their right to improve their fitness, access to information, and lifestyle with an apple watch!

      However NO MORE BUSHs or CLINTONs (or Kennedy’s btw). America is not a monarchy. ENOUGH with these two rich well connected families. THERE MUST be other choices. Please lets give someone else a shot. We get the Government we deserve – but we don’t suck enough to deserve another Bush (Yes…yes I voted for his brother not once but twice).

      1. But who else?

        Huckabee is selling fake cancer and asthma curing drugs, Christy is a mobster, Cruz is hobbit-homes lunatic.

        I am not advocating for Jeb, but among this batch he has more chances to be sane than others.

        Clinton is also under control of neocon maniacs, all around puppet of corporations, and her progressive rhetoric as of late is blatantly fake.

        1. Jeb is a fundamental right wing extreme christian vindictive bully. Remember Terri Schiavo? He made it a personal religious crusade to override her husband’s sworn testimony as to her right to die wishes, even to the point of creating special legislation to allow him to personally intervene in the case (even though he obviously had no standing). When the Florida Supreme Court struck this down as wholly unconstitutional, he went to Federal courts, only to be rebuffed again as they had no jurisdiction. He then lobbied Congress and had his POTUS brother sign into law a special bill transferring jurisdiction to the Federal courts. They promptly followed the prior holdings of the state courts finding that Terri was clinically dead and “Terri’s Law” violated a “cornerstone of American democracy.” He twice tried to take the case to the SCOTUS, which turned him down both times.

          After Terri died, Jeb still wasn’t done. An autopsy showed her brain was so shriveled that there never had been any chance of recovery, and that he had backed a losing case. So to get his revenge this vindictive man instructed Florida’s AG to investigate what befell Terri to see if he could find evidence that the husband had abused her 15 years earlier and ultimately caused her death. The AG found no evidence. Although he met several times with Terri’s parents, he never once spoke to her husband.

          Yet Jeb is supposedly a republican who believes in smaller government with fewer powers to interfere in private lives and that government has no place in health care. Except when he’s pandering to christian fanatics for votes, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer’s money on his religious causes.

  3. So you are saying there was NO (that’s NONE, NADA) opinion better than “moranic”. They were and will always be worse than moronic? THAT sounds moronic to me.

    And why prey, did Apple lose a sale just because Jeb bought one? Huh? Will you be sending Tim a list of all the people Apple must not sell their devices to?

    ” Dear Tim,

    Do not sell any Apple products to a) Jeb Bush, b)Barbara Bush, c) Bandar Bush…….

    Signed: A Moron”

    You sound moronic.

  4. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this: Do not underestimate Jeb Bush.

    This is not an endorsement, merely an observation.

    When he gets warmed back up – plus slides easily into fluent, effortless Spanish while standing next to his Hispanic wife (Mexico-born Columba) and his three mixed-race children – he will be formidable. Money and connections are nearly everything in U.S. politics today.

      1. It’s amazing how republicans lay the blame for ISIS at Obama’s door by citing the vacuum left by the US withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Yet it was Bush who signed the agreement, ratified by the Iraqi government, that all US troops should be out by the end of 2011. Worse, that agreement provided that any US troops still in Iraq after that date would be subject to Iraq’s legal system. Leaving US troops in an unstable foreign country, subject to the legal system of whoever grabbed power, was clearly never going to happen.
        Yet it was Bush’s signature on that agreement (which the Iraqi government refused to change, despite being asked).

        Moreover, it was Bush’s administration during the Iraq war that made and enforced the rule that no Bathists who had been in Sadam’s government, no matter how minor a role they’d had, could ever be in government again. Thousands of people put out of work at a stroke, very angry. And some of those – military people in particular – formed up with religious leaders, gained control of both US supplied weapons and Sadam’s remaining weapons, to form ISIS. Bush both formed and armed ISIS, and then agreed that the US would leave Iraq to them.

        1. What’s the big deal about ISIS any way? Our current illustrious leader with ALL his limited military expertise and Ivy League wisdom beyond his years working in the private sector, said himself ISIS is JayVee dude!… Jay. Vee.

  5. As a holder of AAPL, I am happy to see someone wearing an Apple Watch.

    It doesn’t matter who is *elected* president – they’re all controlled by the same people.

  6. So is Satan and Adolf Hitler’s relatives. So? Does that mean that Jeff Bush is a good candidate for president, just as Rush the Big Fat Idiot is an admirable broadcaster and human being because he likes Macs? These pathetic, transparent references are like little adolescents trying to rationalize bad behavior to their parents. Sorry- we know better.

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