Travel hops on Apple Watch bandwagon

“Grab your gear and book a flight—hotels and travel hubs are jumping on the Apple Watch bandwagon,” Harriet Baskas reports for CNBC. “For those constantly on the go, wearable tech in the form of Apple’s pricy new gadget offers the promise of cool, new tools for travel.”

MacDailyNews Take: $349 is “pricey” for whom? CNBC’s average viewer/reader? Highly doubtful, Harriet. Stick to reporting, not editorializing.

“For early adopters who now own or are waiting for their Apple Watch to arrive, there are plenty of applications to explore. Many hotels and travel providers have wasted little time in adapting to the latest iteration in the apps market,” Baskas reports. “‘Those that are first to market have an advantage,’ said Lorraine Sileo, senior vice president at travel market research company Phocuswright.”

“‘The Apple Watch platform allows us to connect with travelers on a more personal level by providing real time information throughout their journey,’ Emirates’ digital executive Alex Knigge said in statement,” Baskas reports. “Starwood’s app will allow some guests to use their Apple Watch to learn when their room is ready, get the room number and unlock the door at certain hotels. Other travel-related companies and services already offering Apple Watch-friendly apps include Uber, TripAdvisor, Expedia, HotelTonight, TripCase, Priceline and Helsinki Airport. A long list of watch-friendly apps that offer travelers easy access to translation, currency exchange rates and transit times are quickly becoming available.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Apple Watch costs $349-$17,000. Leave it to your audience to determine if that’s “pricey” or not. It’s not for the “reporter” or “reviewer” to conclude.


  1. I’ve had my Apple Watch on vacation for a bit over a week and it is handy with paying fast and turn-by- turn directions walking and driving. The directions on the Watch are by far my most liked feature.

    1. What an idiotic comment. How is a watch supposed to check your blood sugar without drawing your blood or communicating with an implant that has direct access to your blood? I’m sorry you have the diabeetus…but Apple Watch is amazing.

      1. Don’t be so sure that will remain the only way to check blood sugars. But that’s the point, it just a watch. Oh, it keeps you from having to look at your phone, let me help you, leave that over priced device in the store too. I just saved you 1000+ dollars, and don’t forget that 50 dollar minimum per month, 600 a year. 1600+. Oh, I’m sorry you’re not bright enough to figure a device the doesn’t have to puncture the skin would be a worth while device, oops no I’m not.1000 plus dollars for the convince of not moving your arm, hand, and shoulder to pull a credit card out of your pocket. Please. Don’t kid yourself about who has idiotic comments.
        This is like the calculator on the watch. I thought it was just corny, now I think it’s stupid.

          1. You must be 55+. You are welcome. Nope, it just fits. Midwest.
            Go figure, a device that goes on your wrist, and it will show you the time… Big deal, don’t get made at me, they called it a watch. Watches have been around for a long time now. So long, that people stop buying them, well, didn’t fill out a credit application to get one.
            No corny covers it well.for 17,000 dollar you get the same thing everybody else gets but with maybe 2000 worth of gold. Hack of a markup! Not even 24 carat. It would still be corny if it cost 9.99 a sold in walmart.
            Oh, I got the plastic ban, I got the blue ban, oh I got the silvery color one… corny… no stupid, I think I’m going to settle on.
            This is America, feel free, we bought pet rocks at one time. Actually, I prefer us to buy pet rocks, that’s funny. This watch thing, it’s just sad.
            This, to me, has been apple’s biggest marketing campaign. Marketing is used to convince you of something. Guess what it is this time.
            Minimum 350 for the next watch, how many are you really going to buy? A watch a year.Come on.

  2. Apple Watch Sport isn’t pricey. You have to wonder if maybe all these reporters should have chosen a different career if they don’t have $400. Do they call a $400 TV pricey? No. Do they call a $400 computer pricey? No. Do they call a $400 game console pricey? No. So please give it a rest on calling a $400 computer watch–the most technologically advanced watch the world has ever seen–“pricey”. It’s not pricey even for a Sandwich Artist.

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