One week with Apple’s new, impossibly thin 12-inch MacBook

“After finally receiving a MacBook, that went on sale April 10th, I’ve been able to put it through it’s paces,” Mark Reschke reports for T-GAAP. “I’ve used the MacBook in coffee shops, traveled over 700 miles with it, pushed a full NBA playoff stream through it, crushed out hundreds of emails, edited a dozen or so Pixelmator images and worked over the charger and keyboard thoroughly.”

“To quickly summarize this new MacBook — it is the perfect road warrior laptop and business companion, eliminating any need for an iPad, and for many the MacBook Air,” Reschke reports. “Pardon my excitement, as I’ve been computing with a 2010, 13″ MacBook Pro. The most striking element in transitioning from my legacy laptop to the MacBook is the size. The MacBook is thin and light, but it appears almost fragile. Of course the MacBook is anything but fragile, instead it is amazingly stout.”

“Clearly my western ways have trained me to think bigger is better, more rugged, etc. That concept is clearly dated and wrong, at least when applied to the new MacBook,” Reschke reports. “Apple’s new poster-child for slim could be mistaken as a netbook or cheap-o laptop, but once word gets around this is Apple’s next wünderkind computer, no one is going to be smirking. MacBook evny? Absolutely.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our 11-inch MacBook Air units are our favorite Macs ever, but we’ve got a strong feeling that they’re about to be superseded.

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  1. I bet he has his screen brightness all the way up. All the other reviews I’ve read say that, with the screen brightness down a little, Apple’s battery claims are met or surpassed.

    Mine will be here… someday.

  2. I am loving my new MacBook but I am not yet ready to declare it completely superior to my 11-inch MBA. I had grown accustomed to the “wide body” of the MBA, and the return of the 12-inch squarish MB [which I had longed for ever since the demise of the 12-inch PowerBook] has posed some interesting compromises. I miss the MagSafe connector, and not just for safety, but for the indicator light as well. The MB seems slightly less secure on my lap than the MBA. And in certain functions, the MBA still seems a tad quicker. I am also still getting accustomed to the keyboard. Not complaining, just noting there are differences.

  3. Time for a convertable hybrid running Osx/ios depending on mode of use !
    It may not be the wise thing to do buisness wise .. But it is the right balance of functionality.
    And the new macbook proves technology is 100% there to pull it off nicely !

    1. tim at WWDC ’15:
      And one more thing, OSX and iOS from here forward support the new MacBook which has been manufactured with touch screen monitors, so all new MacBooks can natively run iOS apps, iPhone or iPad or *apple TV*

  4. My son bought one, and it is screaming fast. Runs World of Warcraft amazingly well, and we both absolutely LOVE the new keyboard. While I agree the LED charging light was nice, it will also be nice not to have another LED lighting up the bedroom at night (especially for him in his dorm room this fall). And it weighs just barely more than my iPad 2.

  5. MacDaily:

    My November 2010 MacAir 11″ is being used everyday while my 2014 refurbished Air I got in January of this year has not been used in over 3 weeks …..

    The older 11″ still gets the call ….. Love the size and except for some image editing, done on 13″, I prefer the 11″ but and abig but …..

    I am eyeing the 12″ as a replacement!

  6. Typing this on a MacBook right now, and love it. I sweated the decision, thinking I really need the 15″rMBP I’ve had. The MacBook slides into my messenger bag (something even the 11″ Air couldn’t do without leaving my bag open slightly), and goes with me everywhere, which my 15″ never did. I am more productive, as I have it with me all the time, and that makes it a better tool. I’ve bemoaned waiting for the HDMI adapter, as I need to connect to project my sermons ( am a minister), but so far I am just being patient, waiting for it to arrive.

    It has never slowed, or hiccuped, but works perfect. I have come to really enjoy the keyboard, and in fact the whole experience.

    I’ve owned many of the previous Apple laptops in the past 12 years, and without a doubt, the MacBook is my favorite of all them, having the perfect screen, size, and weight. A perfect trifecta in my opinion.

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