Apple Watch looks set to outpace the iPhone in year-one sales

“Apple sold 5.4 million iPhones in their first year,” Parmy Olson reports for Forbes.

“The company hasn’t released official sales figures for its watch, which went on sale on April 24 in a variety of styles starting at $349,” Olson reports. “But pre-orders alone of the watch were already estimated to have hit 2.3 million units a week before launch. That’s close to half of all sales of the iPhone in its first year.”

“It took two and a half months from when the iPhone first went on sale on June 29 [2007], for Apple to sell 1 million units,” Olson reports. “Right now, [Apple Watch] is selling more quickly than the iPhone did when it first came to market. And while Apple may have a much stronger foothold in the market than it did eight years ago, that’s still an impressive feat.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait to revisit the “Apple Watch is going to flop” quotes.


  1. From its launch on April 3, 2010 through the end of FQ1/2011 (December 25, 2010) Apple’s fastest selling new product, the iPad, sold 14.789 Million units.

    Wall Street consensus sales estimates of the Apple Watch (in a period 3 weeks shortly than the iPad enjoyed) is 15.xx Million units.

    It is so simple to debunk the naysayers, they do zero research, which makes them incredibly uninformed (aka stupid).

    1. Unfortunately, the FUD has convinced many to sell their stock, which is one of the reasons why it’s been in a funk.

      BTW – they are wondering about you on the AAPL finance board. I’ve been a lurker over there since the fall of 2012. They miss your “brass ball” incites. 🙂

  2. The naysayers belong to two camps: the clueless and the jealous, anything-but-Apple idiots. It’s day three since I got my Apple Watch and I couldn’t be happier.

  3. It’s weird… I know this site is supposed to toot every single horn Apple has… but I haven’t seen any Apple Watches in the wild, don’t hear anyone talking about it… reviews online have ranged between positive and mixed. The thing may well be a hit but it doesn’t feel that way… when the first iPhone came out everyone was talking about it (even women and no women I know talk about this thing) and saw people with them within days of its launch… same goes for iPad. I’m not saying it’s been crickets for the Apple Watch… just not as huge as MDN always reports it be.

  4. Go to an Apple Watch training session at an Apple store and you will meet new users as well as how to set up and use. Since only a couple of million shipped, they are not readily seen in the wild.

  5. Doctors will be prescribing Apple watches and health insurance will eventually cover the purchase because prevention is better than cure…

    ICal that.

  6. Semi-related, but I answered my first phone call on my Watch today. My iPhone was downstairs on the other side of a wall and about 25′ away at the time. The call was crystal clear and I live in a weak-cell phone-signal area

    It is weird doing the Dick Tracy thing 😊

    1. Was both the iPhone and the Watch in a decent Wi-Fi signal?
      I’m still trying to figure out how the calls are handled.

      Cell tower to iPhone then bluetooth to watch if close or home WiFi if beyond bluetooth?

      1. The iPhone was 15′ (on the other side of a wall) from the router. The Watch was appx 25′ away, on the other side of a wall and upstairs*. The cell phone signal in the room where the phone was is typically 2 bars (or less). The nearest cell tower is pretty far away and I live in a wooded, rolling terrain area. Relatively sub-optimal cell phone reception around here.

        I was just pretty impressed!

        * The ceilings in the house also have heating elements in them because, as we all know, heat drops :-/

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