One thing every iPhone owner can do to stretch battery life

“Owners of iPhones have long been doing things to make the battery last as long as possible,” James Kendrick writes for ZDNet. “While it’s not as big an issue with recent models of Apple devices, it can still be a concern, especially for business travelers trying to get through long days.”

“You can check battery consumption in settings — Settings>General>Usage>Battery Usage — and see how hard each app has hit the battery since the last charge. If you see an app you rarely use showing higher battery usage than expected it may be accessing location services in the background,” Kendrick writes. “To see what’s going on you should check it in settings.”

“Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services where you find a toggle to turn off Location Services for everything,” Kendrick writes. “Rather than do this, you will probably find it a better solution to go through the list of apps and individually change the location setting where appropriate. For most apps you’ll find three options to update the location: always, while using the app, and never. With few exceptions, most will need the option to access the location while using the app.”

More info and screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: With our iPhone 6 Plus units, we’ve found that battery life isn’t really an issue, but this is a good tip for anyone who needs to eke out a bit more iPhone battery life.


  1. This is so minor a power usage that it’s hardly a big savings. They would be swamped by any apps in use that have frequent network connectivity. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Kik always seem to use at least 50% of all the power consumed.

    1. Facebook is know as a bad, bad abuser of network, background and location services. Turn all that off just for Facebook and you will see a serious bump in battery life.

  2. Have a 5S here and everything on and never have an issue. Same for my old 4S. At the end of the day I’m usually above 90% with little usage and above 70% with a lot of usage.

  3. After over seven and a half years I have never had iPhone battery problems, despite using them all day, every day. Perhaps my expectations are just more realistic than other people’s. If I know I will need my iPhone a lot and there’s no way for me to recharge, I stay off the games, and other things that will drain the battery faster.

    1. You are the rare and smart exception. Too many people use it like a toaster.
      I’ve actually heard people that watch streaming movies all day long, then bitch that they go over their data limit. They have no concept that streaming movies uses data.

      I could go on, but I’d be here for hours with examples.

  4. the number 1 battery killer is simply how easily your mobile is staying connected to a cell phone tower signal.
    if your cell provider has poor coverage your battery will drain much quicker.
    think of it like LTE: if your cell provider has only limited LTE coverage, switch it over to 3G or even 2G.
    i have several different SIM cards that I use and have found that i can have the same apps running, using different SIM cards gives very different battery life usage.

    1. Oh yea, our high school is a black hole for Verizon. Any school event that uses the theater, I have to remember to shut my phone off or the battery is dead after 2 hours.
      It just gets a signal, but so low that the phone will drop it and then go into search mode every few minutes.

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