Did Apple sell 60 million iPhones in calendar Q1?

“Now comes the test. As Apple Inc. gets ready to announce its most recent quarterly results, the primary focus of investors will be on iPhone sales, because the smartphone continues to represent a huge portion of company revenue,” Douglas A. McIntyre reports for 24/7 Wall St. “If Apple discloses that it sold anything less than 60 million iPhones, shares may drop substantially. For some, a figure less than 70 million would disappoint.”

“With the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, many on Wall Street will not look at iPhone sales year over previous year’s quarter,” McIntyre reports. “Some investors will look at the quarter sequentially, to see if Apple can match the 74.5 million iPhones it sold in the immediately previous quarter.”

MacDailyNews Take: And those investors would be idiots. Or shorts. Or FUD merchants.

“For Apple, it is iPhone sales of 60 million or the quarter will be considered a disaster,” McIntyre reports. “The impression that the iPhone has made Apple invincible will get stripped away.”

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MacDailyNews Take: FUD merchants like Douglas A. McIntyre who try to set Apple up to “fail” by selling an average of 27,000+ iPhones per hour.


  1. He’s an Apple hater. Several years ago, I sent him an email to correct a couple mistakes he had made in one of his commentaries, and he sent me a nasty response.

  2. Ideally the FUD articles should come out when AAPL has gone up significantly. At the moment AAPL is out its highs by about $7. It could be the powers that be are looking to drive the stock down to $100-110 again. It could be a case of wrong timing.
    60MM iPhones this quarter would be an amazing results. As a point of reference Apple sold 43.7M iPhones last Q2 quarter.

    1. Including the minimal drop in after hours trading it’s actually closer to -$9 off the 52wk high now. I would expect AAPL to buy back more shares when it gets lower.

    1. WS consensus estimate for iPhone sales is about 55 Million, with the high at 60 Million. Sales of just 50 Million represents YoY growth exceeding 14%. Taken with Samsung’s declining sales that is huge.

      24/7 is a hit whore blogger that cares little about journalistic integrity. People that click through to Doug McIntyre’s 24/7 blog should be aware that he is laughing all the way to the bank, and you made it possible.

  3. Frankly the guy isn’t delusional enough, this should have been what he wrote.

    “If Apple discloses that it sold any iPhones, shares may drop substantially.”

    There that’s more in line with this guy.

  4. They have to sell 1 billon iPhones Q2 2015 or they must close their doors, because you know, they couldn’t fail any worse. They have lost their touch, they are idiots and don’t know what they are doing. Fire the executive staff, return all the money back to the investors, because they have no future, they are a dead goose, cooked to 165 degrees.

    I believe this to be true, I have also shorted Apple to $.42, as in cents, because, in the next few days you will see it all come out. All the fraud, the millions of fake phones sitting in a warehouse, unsold. They are all going to jail. A shell of a company, ever since they fired Scott, he was their last real hope. Now it’s just lies lies lies…


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