Tech.pinions’ Ben Bajarin reviews Apple Watch: ‘Powerful’ and ‘completely new’

“It is rare in this industry to get to experience the beginning of something new, something for which you have no frame of reference,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “While not a stand-alone computer (yet), I’m convinced the Apple Watch represents something completely new. It is a unique way to interact in a digital world… Because of how powerful the Apple Watch is, I believe it will appeal differently to different people and for different reasons.”

“Primarily around the notification and glance-able data experience, I saw a behavioral shift in how I used my iPhone,” Bajarin writes. “In many ways the Apple Watch untethered me from my iPhone the way the iPhone untethered me from my PC.

“After a week, I’m convinced Apple is onto something with this product. It may not be a necessity for most people but it is absolutely complementary to our digital lives. And the best part is the whole thing is going to keep getting better,” Bajarin writes. “More apps will come, developers will evolve and create new and compelling software to take advantage of those interactions that are measured in seconds and not minutes. Apple will update the operating system to include more features and functionality. That is the beauty of this being both a hardware and software play. The experience is not static but dynamic and we can look forward to watching and using the Apple Watch as it continues to evolve in meaningful ways.”

Read more in the full review – very highly recommended – here.

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  1. It’s interesting to me that so far I have not seen any female reviewers for the watch. I get it that most early adopters will be male, but I think that actually later on it will be a big hit with women. Here are a couple of reasons:
    1) Most women have their phones not in their pocket, but in a purse or handbag and most times its on vibrate, which means they miss a lot of notifications. The Apple Watch would fix this.
    2) Women are more social. Lets face it, they post more on Facebook, text more, and are more social. The Apple Watch allows you to be notified easier and reply quickly without wasting a bunch of time.
    3) Design. I could see my wife changing the color of the watch face depending on which color dress she was wearing. Also she could also change the band which seems pretty easy to do.

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