Apple hires Dolby’s technology chief Mike Rockwell

“Continuing its high-level executive hiring spree, Apple has recruited Dolby Executive Vice President Mike Rockwell to become an executive in its hardware division, 9to5Mac has learned,” Mark Gurman reports.

“According to a source, Rockwell has likely been hired to bolster the audio and display performance of future Apple products, which could include anything from next-generation Apple monitors to professional audio/video editing tools to speakers,” Gurman reports. “Rockwell’s LinkedIn profile confirms he joined Apple in February but does not specify his role.”

“Before joining Dolby, where former Apple executives Bob Borchers and Avie Tevanian have taken on senior marketing and director positions, respectively,” Gurman reports, “Rockwell was CTO of Avid, a company specializing in professional video and audio software, and he had a background in audio technology.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPod Hi-Fi II. 😉


  1. Avie Tevanian was not just a former Apple Exec.

    Avie was the head of the development project that brought us Mac OS X. He was one of the group from NeXT that came in with Steve Jobs that built the foundation that OS X and iOS stand upon.

    1. OS X stands on NeXT technology, which of course is largely UNIX.
      iOS, on the other hand, is just hanging onto OS X coattails and does little to nothing of what its forebearers are capable of.

      1. Avi worked at NeXT and headed Software Engineering there and at Apple. Bertrand Serlet succeeded him.
        iOS was developed as a subset of OS X with the UI stripped out and the touch interface substituted.

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