1. I did perfectly.

    They should test people if they can draw the Microsoft logo.
    Its changed so much with the branded windows icon – making the mind confused. Or how about HP or how about AT&T? Draw those by memory, sure things will be far more disastrous !!!! MEANING this proves nothing.

    1. great point ken1w,

      – totally agree. not that everyone needs to be able to draw or draw well.
      – just that this article is meaningless
      – very poor test as well

      and the article provides choices of icons to pick – rather than draw one. Just a stupid article.

    2. Right. I saw one segment on TV asking people to draw a bicycle. Few could do it right, even frequent riders. Interestingly, the test givers had some simplified bicycles made, incorporating common erroneously drawn components. There is only one right way to make a bicycle. Most of the “close” configurations were downright unstable.

      As to confidence, 82% of American drivers rate their ability as above average. Probably helps explain why actual average capability is so low.

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