Apple Internet TV service would awaken a sleeping Apple TV giant

“Apple is set to launch a dedicated streaming TV service beginning in September, according to the Wall Street Journal,” Darrell Etherington writes for TechCrunch.

“If Apple does indeed launch this service as planned, it’s hard to understate the potential value it can drive across its lineup of hardware offerings,” Etherington writes. “The service would work with iPhone and iPad, as well as with Apple TV, but the Apple TV is where it could move the needle most.”

“The price cut to $69 combined with the HBO Now access is already probably a powerful enough incentive to spike sales,” Etherington writes, “but an online TV offering that greatly undercuts your typical bundle and offers more premium content at the same time has the potential to really explode Apple TV sales.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Plus Apple has already sold over 25 million Apple TV units even before the price drop and the HBO Now deal. This year’s WWDC is going to be very interesting!

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    1. Not having NBC is not as big a deal as it once was. Now that The Office, 30 Rock and Parks & Rec are done, NBC doesn’t have any “must see tv” anymore. NBC is a last-place broadcast network, most people won’t even miss it.

        1. The Voice has become a parody of itself. The same warmed-over schtick each and every week. Each and every singer “one of the greatest singers in the world!”. Enough already.

  1. We have cut the cord 2 months ago and we watch TV on our smart Sony 4K TV and our 26″ Sony with Apple TV.
    For us, most TV is just trash anyway so we will look at what Apple has to offer as well as Sony when they announce.
    Now a shrewd move would be for Apple to provide an app that would act as a portal for its service.
    For example, it would be great if we could the app to our 4K Sony to access Apple’s service in that manner.

    1. Would love a MacPro that could hold more than 2 GPU cards, whose GPUs are upgradable without the Mac being replaced, and include nVidia options.

      What good is “great design” that designs away a tool’s usefulness?

      1. Also a way to support PCI-3 16X. I agree with you. To the point that I, as a graphics diehard Mac user, would consider something like the very upgradeable HP Z840 when I upgrade from my old Mac Pro relatively soon. Nauseating prospect eh?

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