Apple Watch has a secret ‘killer feature’ – and it’s a real lifesaver

“The Apple Watch, which Apple is again showing off on Monday, won’t detect your stress level. It doesn’t have a built-in blood-pressure monitor. Or a glucose tracker. Or a pulse oximeter,” Dan Diamond writes for Forbes. “But the Apple Watch still has one killer app: Its haptic sensor.”

“All the Apple Watch has to do to be successful — all it has to do to make us healthier — is do one thing: Get us to stand up,” Diamond writes. “And the device is perfectly designed to do just that.”

“Apple Watch tracks three behaviors:’Moving,’ exercising, and standing. And it’s designed to offer still-unclear rewards,” Diamond writes. “Simply standing for a few moments matters because we’re increasingly a nation of sitters. The average American adult now sits between 7 and 9 hours per day between work and during the commute — basically, we spend more time sitting than sleeping. And this ‘sitting disease,’ as puts it, shortens our life expectancy and increases risk of heart disease and cancer. A recent meta-study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that long stretches of sitting are linked with a range of risks — at least a 16% higher risk of all-cause mortality, for one — and they’re not balanced out by going to the gym every day.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch will improve the world’s health.


    1. Only in the US… people who need a watch to tell them to stand up. People so helpless that they can’t listen to their own body or understand themselves… so out of touch and un-self-aware… I don’t need anything to tell me to stand up, etc. I am in touch with myself and listen to my body. And I’m not lazy. I get up and walk around every hour or two on my own and instinctively.


  1. Wow, a killer app that is a lifesaver. Gives me an image of one of those floatation devices that explodes in the contact of water.

    Oh and the description: “But the Apple Watch still has one killer app: Its haptic sensor.”

    Sensors are now applications…OOOOOOOOKAY.

  2. I’m not sure what the writer means about a “haptic sensor”, but I do know the Apple watch has a heart rate sensor. This sensor coupled with some really smart software and “big data” very well could, as I have stated before, detect a heart attack. If an Apple Watch could give two minutes warning of a heart attack, it will be a real lifesaver. Even an immediate indication of a heart attack would aid others in realizing how important immediate EMS aid would be.

    A friend of mine died in the office from a heart attack. Others around him realized immediately what was happening and immediately rendered appropriate aid and called 911 but it was too late. These people had been previously trained. My friend needed two or three minutes more time.

    I’m thinking with millions of people wearing the Apple Watch, the sensors, the software development tools availible and big data the Watch may be a real breakthrough in heart health. I understand this is a tall order, but no other company has put the tools together on such a large scale.

  3. ” Apple Watch will improve the world’s health.”

    If you eat horribly and are sedentary, then no amount of sensors or technology can improve your health.

  4. I want the watch no matter what, but for most people the selling points would be – blood-pressure monitor. glucose tracker and pulse oximeter. I already have a pulse monitor on my 6 . who the hell needs a standing monitor ? If your already lazy this isn’t going to get someone moving. Thats delusional thinking at best

  5. the only question is this….are there enough fanboys that will buy no matter what, even though this device really adds no value at all? I bet yes, Ale’s fan bse is fiercely loyal, but we will see how loyal at the top end of pricing for this monstrocity…

    1. Matt, I am going to disagree and explain why with standard entrepreneur questions.

      What is the added value. The common adjectives are better (such as safer), faster, cheaper.

      The Watch is clearly in the faster category of private communication. If u can find a better method without using a bullhorn or an earpiece, let us know.

      The Watch is also eventually in the better category, with health+safety aspects of the information provided and/or collected.

    2. The fanboy meme has TOTALLY jumped the shark. Apple has not become by far the most valuable company on the planet because of “fanboys”. Can you naysayers just puh-lease stop using “fanboy”, “like a religion”, “cult” — and even “fan”?

      And also, naysayers, can you also puh-lease stop stating your personal opinion and needs (e.g. no value) as an automatic universal?

  6. I never knew I needed a $350 watch to remind me, that I’ve been sitting too long and I need to get up and to the fridge for a beer. Thanks Apple but on this one, I think I’ll keep my money. What is a real life saver is affordable health care.

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