This website lets you custom design your Apple Watch, so you’re ready for launch

The site is called

It does one thing – can you guess? – it lets you mix your Apple Watch.

MixYourWatch offers up all of the available options and displays the finished Apple Watch:

• Steel: Stainless Steel or Space Black Steel
• Aluminium: Silver Aluminium or Space Gray Aluminium
• Gold: Gold or Rose Gold

• Fluoroelastomer: Blue, Black, White, Sport, Rose, or Green
• Leather: Bright Blue, Bright Brown, Stone, Black, Red, Blue, Brown, or Pink
• Steel: Stainless, Space Black, or Milanese Loop

Now you can get ready for launch day!

MixYourWatch here.


  1. WOW! That’s insanely great. Excellent tool.

    I found I like the darks best. Black Aluminum with Black Leather band.

    Could only be better if you could change the size of the watch and also rotate.

    Now imagine if you could digitize your wrist and move the whole thing around in 3D. Didn’t aAhrendts come up with something like that for Burberry?

    1. Lot of combinations that make no fashion sense at all (and are not shown in Apples gallery).
      Gold watch with steel band?
      Gold watch with leather band and steel buckle
      Steel watch with elastomer band with gold pin

      I think the gallery on Apples site is pretty illustrative of the 34 possible combinations. Yes, there are 102 permutations on the web site, but not all are possible, i.e. some colors of leather are only 42mm, some are exclusively 38mm and there are two versions of the black and white elastomer bands, one with a gold pin and one with a stainless steel pin.

      This is an empty-headed web site and I would be embarrassed for Apple if they did it.

    1. I didn’t like the gold either. I LOVED it!

      Gold looks extraordinary only with the leathers, though IMHO. Plastic is too low, and the steel looks kind of dumb with it…

      Another sign they’ve gotta debut gold bands.

  2. Excellent site! I was searching for something like this back in September. And now someone has actually done it. A great appetiser for the many combinations and customisations of the Apple Watch.

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