Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google: Who wins and who loses

In the video below, trademark analyst Scott Galloway talks about Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google at the DLD Conference (Digital-Life-Design) 2015 which took place in Munich, Germany at the end of January.

In just over 16 minutes, among other things, Galloway talks e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, Macy’s ongoing transformation, employment, the economy, the smartphone economy, how Amazon will decline in value, how Amazon will need to move into physical retail stores, how Facebook “pulled off the greatest bait and switch in history,” Whatsapp vs. Tumblr, Instagram, mobile apps, how “social media is becoming Facebook and the seven dwarfs,” how Google’ search share is starting to decline, how the mobile economy is not friendly to Google, how “Google+ is dead already,” how “Google Glass is not a wearable, it’s a prophylactic and sure enough you will not conceive a child as no one will get near you,” and how Apple is exceptional:

Apple is about to become the first trillion dollar brand… The most powerful luxury brand in the world is Apple. [Angela Ahrendts] is not opening stores, she’s building the world’s next great luxury brand… This is a heat map of operating systems [in the New York City area] this is the iOS operating system [in] the wealthy areas of Manhattan. As you go into the lower income households in suburbia, Android lights up. By the way, if you see purple in the middle, that’s Jurassic Park, that’s the dinosaurs using BlackBerry. This is Los Angeles, if you want to live on the coast or in Beverly Hills, you have to own iOS. If you want to move inland or in South Central, you can use Android. The ultimate self expressive benefit brand is now an iPhone. For those of you carrying an iPhone, it means you’re wealthier and better educated and more likely top have more options in terms of who you mate with.

We knew [Apple] were going into watches. You want to see an [industry] in denial, talk to the watch industry… First year, Apple’s going to be the biggest watch company in the world. Who does this hurt? It hurts everybody. Not just watch companies, but all aspirational price point brands. Teen retailers have been getting killed, they’re staring at their navels, [asking themselves] ‘Is it a product or a brand problem?’ It’s an Apple problem.

Predictions: Apple will become the first trillion dollar market cap company on the back of its successful transition to a luxury brand. — Scott Galloway

Direct link to video here.

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Hee Haw

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sid” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple is in the “HOT” seat and finally the world is coming to grips with that. I mean all points converging on Apple. Nothing anyone can do about it.

    You see them try to take Apple down, and they fail miserably.

    1. Wall Street can’t be trusted. Investors are still continuing to pump money into Amazon, Google and Facebook even though those stocks are somewhat questionable. Google is facing getting kicked to the curb by Apple and yet the share price continues to climb with rather high target prices being set.

    2. That’S true, this company market cap is insanely great.

      But the mistakes they do now are the ones which bring this company to fall sooner or later.

      The biggest enemy has got theses days is  itself, namely … uh – you know it!
      The QA on software development and Integration is mandatory, there is no excuse for early release!
      • Do it right or get lost.

      Focussing on their strength means overseeing their weaknesses, and there are some substantial ones.

    3. That’S true, this company market cap is insanely great.

      But the mistakes they do now are the ones which bring this company to fall sooner or later.

      The biggest enemy has got theses days is  itself, namely … uh – you know it!
      The QA on software development and Integration is mandatory, there is no excuse for early release!
      • Do it right or get lost.

      Focussing on their strength means overseeing their weaknesses, and there are some substantial ones.

  2. This guy turns analytics into deadly deadpan standup…. …good stuff tho’ some of the trends will change or be bucked to some extent… …tho’ Apple’s clearly still rising…

  3. I 100% disagree that Apple is being coming a ‘luxury brand’. That vomitus meme arrived with announcements of the Watch, which will offer luxury models! But what the hell it has to do with everything else Apple does, I have NO idea!

    Apple is the BEST brand, the QUALITY brand, the LASTING brand. As per usual, Apple gear has the best ROI (Return On Investment) and lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). That makes it the SMART brand as well.

    I don’t buy crap. I don’t buy knockoffs. Neither to I buy luxury. I buy PRACTICAL. That’s Apple.

    But no doubt, the fashionistas are going to go on and on about ‘luxury’ because that their thought realm. *sigh*

    1. Oh, and

      Q: Am I saying that non-Apple gear owners are IM-PRACTICAL?
      A: Yes, with work/business exceptions and niche exceptions I’ll skip.

      If you don’t know any better, you buy cheap knockoff crap. You don’t have to be poor to be ignorant. Being rich doesn’t mean you’re smart. And so on with the actual complexities of living life as a human being. None of this has anything to do with ‘luxury’.

      BTW, IMHO: GREAT presentation video, worth stopping on key frames, worth watching twice. Obvious conclusions about Amazon and Google. At last someone is stating them out loud in public. Facebook: Of course it’s successful. What’s surprising is that it’s also profitable.

  4. I dont give two hoots about Apple becoming a gazillion dollar company.. Just fix the issues with iOS and OS X and dont make slightly older hardware groan and creek when ever you release an update to the software. shivering with fear at the very thought

    1. Apple blunders are nothing new. They’re just rare. There are certain aspects of Apple that face-plant more often than others. You nailed two of them. I personally still rant about their messed up documentation division and the clunkiness of their software security group. The more we complain to Apple, the more likely they are to get the clue and fix it. So complain! Please!

      1. You’re right Derek as usual. I doubt that Apple takes much notice of the whiners here and on other sites. They know most posts are by nobs and other forms of dickheads.

        If you want Apple to do something then get onto Apple and prod them to do something about it. If they get enough plausible reports they will act.

  5. Here is the bottom line:
    1) Apple’s products are the iPhone, iPad and Mac, ect.
    2) Google’s and Facebook’s product is YOU.
    3) Amazon is a good go to place for physical products but enough other places exist that you have other choices. Price and time are the only two thing one considers on Amazon. For example, I just bought 3 HDTVs at Best Buy because after researching them on the web including Amazon, Best Buy had a better total sales price. These TVs represent well over the amount that I will spend at Amazon over a year. Amazon could easily lose my business.

    Apple needs to do three things to continue on the path they are on 1) make quality products (various wifi troubles people have been reporting are very bad) 2) Maintain confidence in security (It is IMPOSSIBLE for Microsoft ever to regain my trust) and 3) Maintain people’s privacy. They have more credit cards on file then just about anyone.

    In addition, I’ve never, ever spent a dime in direct response to an ad placed on Google or Facebook. The only people that have made money from me are from my clicks, but no direct dollars from me. (ps: I have bought a few things from venders that advertise on this site and I know google must get some money from that but that is really an issue of awareness from this site about those vendors- I’ve NEVER seen an ad on any website and directly spent money from that. )

    This is not hard.

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