BMW: Our talks with Apple don’t involve developing or building a car

“German carmaker BMW said on Thursday its talks with technology giant Apple did not involve developing or building a car, denying a German magazine report,” Edward Taylor and Eric Auchard report for Reuters.

“Auto Motor und Sport said in its March 4 edition that the two firms were discussing possibilities for cooperating on the development of a passenger car,” Taylor and Auchard report. “Apple was impressed with BMW’s carbon-fiber electric cars, the magazine said, citing a ‘high ranking BMW manager.'”

Taylor and Auchard report, “Auto Motor und Sport said Apple cars could be sold in Apple stores and serviced at BMW dealerships. Among the issues that needed to be resolved was whether BMW would allow Apple to develop an operating system for its i3 model…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hmm.


  1. the i3 feels like a very futuristic car. it’s comfortable, quiet, and its uncluttered dashboard circling around a big computer screen feels very Apple-y.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if AAPL’s automative efforts in this sector recruit BMW’s own HAM technology to develop cars with more advanced AI, PLUM, and SAMN sooner than later.

  2. Apple wouldn’t be saddled with including some stylized feature that is part of the car maker’s brand. For example, the grille on BMWs. I, personally, find the i8 to be a wonderful car – works viewed from every angle. The i3 has a nice look viewed on side or back, but I really don’t like the front end – it reminds me of a puffer fish – like the hood just puffed upwards. It feels like it was a design to accommodate the BMW iconic grille. It just doesn’t work visually for me personally (others may like it).

  3. Apple has a habit of denying new development products until they are ready to announce them. I suspect that BMW is tied to the same disclosure arrangement.

  4. The new BMW i3 immediately popped into my head when these nutty rumors started sweeping the Interwebz. If Apple WAS to build a car, the i3 is the closest thing to what they’d be thinking about that’s currently on the market.

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