Apple to unveil MacBook Air with Retina display at ‘Spring Forward’ event, sources say

“Last week, Apple sent out the invites for its ‘Spring Forward’ event, slated to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on March 9th,” reports The Michael Report.

“Many are expecting Apple talk more about the Apple Watch. However, sources familiar with the matter within Apple have exclusively told The Michael Report that Apple plans to unveil the long-awaited Retina MacBook Air at the same event,” TMR reports. “The Michael Report has independently verified this information to be highly credible.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh boy, we do so want some new Retina MacBook Airs!

[Attribution: MacRumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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      1. Our Mac Mini powers our FileMaker Pro Server Software and the machine with a generic monitor sits in a room all by itself and the we use the monitor only to maintain the server, nothing else …. So yea we should like a new mini ourselves …..

        We have been running FileMaker since about 1998 and before the mini used a G3 for over 12 years (same machine and it was still running) and now the Mac mini has been working for us!

      2. We just got the new iMac 5k. MacMini’s are versatile little tool boxes that can be placed all over a company to solve all sorts of problems. They are effective servers, temporary computers, test machines you name it. I do most of my work for clients remotely. Sometimes things get more messy than you can normally deal with remotely. I have them take my MacMini that I keep on site over to the problem machine, boot the bad machine in target disk mode, and I remotely repair through the mini.

        It’s a great home media server, a great home server in general.

        I know people who use them as personal web servers, ftp servers, cloud based FileMaker servers.

        But it gets no love from Apple. Sometimes they are peculiar thinkers, those gnome engineers at Apple.

    1. Yes, because I want to buy an “air”, then weigh it back down with extra battery. “This Air is not the laptop you’re looking for. Move along.”

      1. Okay, I want a new 12 or 13″ retina macbook pro that has the thickness of the 2014 Macbook Air and 18 hour battery life.

        I don’t recall ever hearing a single person say that the Air was too thick or heavy. OTOH, I don’t know of a single person who wouldn’t like more battery life.

        Then again, Apple’s gonna do what it’s gonna do.

        1. I’m perfectly happy with the battery life. What I don’t want it to haul around extra weight *all the time* on the off chance I need some extra battery life. It’s not like the old days when four hours was considered good.

          Now I can fly from Taipei to Los Angeles on a single charge.

          1. I think that most people would build up a little muscle in exchange for the convenience of not recharging as often; aren’t we talking a pound of weight at most?

  1. what I want:

    1) ultra stable OS.
    And get developers like Wacom, Adobe etc to fix their drivers bugs . They always think Macs have lower market share and are tardy fixing Mac issues…

    2) more powerful mac mini, upgradeable ram

    3) mid tower mac.
    Upgradeable video card and ram. Maybe one extra slot.
    Too big a gap between $500 Mac Mini and $3000 Mac Pro.
    just bought a used cheese grater Mac Pro ( to add to my current Mac Pro) due to this lack of mid tower .

    4) Advertise your macs and technologies. No serious Mac ad campaign since Mac PC guy half a decade ago (66 different Mac Pc guy ads in 4 years!) Apple you build them great but you don’t try very hard to sell them nowadays!

    Macs are doing well profit wise but it should gain market share FASTER vs stinky Win 8. Market share = developers. Love my Macs but tired of (high end) software with Mac versions like at 8 and PC at 12 and missing plug-ins and add ons for mac versions. No I don’t want to use Windows on my macs…

    (before people flame me, note that Mac sales are climbing vs iPad declining, and Mac revenues are near iPads — possibly even more profitable (as margins might be higher) but Apple hardly advertises Macs vs numerous iPad ads ).

      1. Yep, they’ve been listening to the small army of true geek Mac users asking over and over again for the MMRM (The Mythical Mid-Range Mac) all right… ….listening, for what, around 15 years now? Or is it getting onto 20??

        So very good listeners. They’re just not going to do it with the current trends in the tech world.

        And I’m not mocking you guys or flaming. I’d like one too. But, nawww. Don’t see it.

    1. I’m not a gamer, but I’m a cyclist and recently I’ve been using a “game” called Zwift which interfaces with my bike and trainer for simulated riding. It’s fantastic. I started using Zwift with my McBook Air. It was playable, but only in the “basic” graphics settings. I wanted to use Zwift with “ultra” graphics, so for the first time, I started researching getting the best Mac I could to run games.

      Well, as I’m sure many of you know, I discovered the Mac really is wanting compared to Windows in the gaming department. The same games will run faster in Windows than OSX on the SAME machine. Additionally, most Macs use mobile graphics cards or integrated graphics which are not the best for gaming. That’s fine, as we get beautiful, thin machines such as MacBooks and iMacs, but what if you want something more powerful graphics-wise? The mini only uses integrated graphics. The iMac retina has a decent graphics card, but it also has to drive all those screen pixels. Plus, I just wanted something to use with my home-theater setup. I just want a box, no screen.

      I ended up getting a MacPro with dual d700s. It just about plays Zwift at ulta setting, but I could have paid half the price for a Windows machine that would play the game at two or three times the frame rate with the same settings. The Mac Pro is only available with workstation cards which are not optimized for games and there’s no facility to have games use both cards as there is if I booted into Windows (Crossfire support).

      I think the future of gaming is iOS, but it is frustrating that at this time, there’s no option to build a great Mac gaming system hardware-wise and that the OS X graphics drivers, for reasons I don’t quite understand, don’t play games as well as the Windows counterparts.

      I think a Mini or Mac Pro Light designed to work with the best gaming cards and optimized drivers would be great to see, but I dont think Apple is terribly interested in that market.

      1. I feel your pain. Although I don’t use my machines for games so much but graphics the lack of video card power is a key factor. People are using their tiny Macbook video to run giant monitors and burning them out.

        Your new MacPro would be faster than my older cheese graters but at least I managed to load a 3 GB PC video card in one and will put a 4 GB in the other. Cost of cards is only about $100 each. And I can load up tens of gigs of RAM if I wanted to.

  2. How about apple unveils software updates for everything that still doesn’t work properly years later, for advertised features that still do not work, but why bother when millions of morons will flock to keep buying this junk that apples going to reduce the functionality of in less than a year via a software update, then do nothing to fix it. Business as usual at apple.

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