Apple exploring resolution of A123 battery-maker’s poaching suit

“Apple Inc. said it’s exploring a potential resolution of a lawsuit in which it’s accused of poaching employees from a lithium-ion battery maker amid reports that it’s trying to develop an electric car,” Edvard Pettersson and Tim Higgins report for Bloomberg.

“The maker of the iPad asked a federal judge in Boston for more time to respond to A123 Systems LLC’s request for a court order barring one of its former employees from breaking his employment agreement and preventing Apple from encouraging him to do so,” Pettersson and Higgins report. “In its lawsuit last month, Waltham, Massachusetts-based A123 also accused five former employees of violating nondisclosure agreements as they either went to work for Cupertino, California-based Apple or planned to go.”

Pettersson and Higgins report, “Apple is pushing its team to begin production of a car as early as 2020, people familiar with the effort have said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Don’t poach. Poach. Don’t poach…

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  1. If all this is true and I was Tesla, I’d be worried! I’d still like to know what happened with Cook met with the CEO of Tesla a year or so ago. I wonder if Apple tried to buy them out? Funny as now they are supposedly doing there own thing all of sudden if the rumors can be true!

  2. So the Chinese Company that bought A123 out of bankruptcy is suing because Apple might be able to duplicate “their technology” that was developed at the expense of US taxpayers. Now THAT is ironic.

  3. “A123” sounds like the name of a local plumber, who wanted to appear near the top (alphabetically) back when people used the phone book for more than door stops.

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