Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘Whole ton’ of Apple Watch announcements coming soon

“In addition to discussing the international Apple Watch launch and accessibility efforts at a briefing in Germany, Apple CEO Tim Cook teased ‘a whole ton of announcements coming shortly about all of the apps coming’ for the Apple Watch, according to employees in attendance,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Cook first highlighted the use of the Apple Watch in hotels by saying that ‘some of the best hotels in the world’ will allow Apple Watch users to use the wearable to unlock room doors,” Gurman reports. “Additionally, Cook said that the Apple Watch hotel applications will even be able to replace the check-in processes for some hotels. ‘So people are beginning to think about doing not only cool things with their apps, but how it changes their whole business,’ Cook said. ”

Gurman reports, “Cook [also] hinted that Apple is working on getting the Apple Watch into the enterprise.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This weeklong wait until the Apple Watch “Spring Foward” event is going to be excruciating!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. I didn’t know apps weighed anything. But guess TC is no John Legere, who would have likely said. “Man, are we going to have a sh*t load of Apple watch apps!”

    2. So let me get this straight: Cook is touting the Apple Watch as being able to unlock a hotel door? Why couldn’t the iPhone be doing this?

      What am I missing? And is this really a big deal! Should we all run and dump $400+ into a watch so we can open our hotel door, presumably with a device that’s dumber than our phones and uses the same technology to do it? Apps + Bluetooth…

      And here we go: smartphones to unlock hotel room doors! Wow!

      I can’t wait for all the Apple fans whose watch batteries are dead who can’t get into their rooms.

      1. Here we go. A couple snow storms and you troglodyte rightwingers think it’s evidence that climate change doesn’t exist. Well 97% of the scientific community disagrees with you. Now go back to Fox News.

        1. I made a little joke about an Apple board member and his hobby and you go and get your global warming tighty-whitees in a bunch. Didn’t mean to offend your religious beliefs.

          I never said there was no such thing as climate change. Did I? And you didn’t even ask; how polite and unassuming.

          I am against the powers that be ‘taxing the shit out of everyone on the planet’ in the name of climate change – while they all fly around in their private jets to Davos and whatever other faux summits they come up with.

          For being so “accepted”, climate change sure has a lot of scandal surrounding it. You know, things that are grounded in fact/data usually don’t have issues with fiddling with numbers, political agendas, votes, fraud, and such.

          Look, if an issue can be used for earning money/gaining power/getting votes, politicians will flock to it like vultures. Elected prostitutes, as it were…the whole lot of them.

          Lighten up…

          1. Riiiight. Just one of those “jokes” that is actually expressing your heartfelt conviction on the subject.

            The climate change “scandal” that you allege is almost entirely manufactured by those (predominantly self-proclaimed conservatives) who routinely attempt to undermine valid scientific positions. Many of these politicians and pundits also have a vested financial interest in maintaining the dominance of the gas/oil industry. The far right is infamous for surreptitiously funding “free thinking” organizations what are built to advocate conservative positions under the guise of “unbiased” reporting or countering “scientific” analysis.

            1. The flames from the far right contingent who inhabit this forum notwithstanding, I am actually quite conservative in some respects, especially with respect to finances and the economy. But I am a staunch believer in good science, and I cannot and will not abide the pseudo-science and anti-science positions actively supported by the GOP. In addition, the modern GOP is much better about *talking* about fiscal conservatism than actually *acting* according to those principles.

              I have plenty of beefs with the Democratic platform, too. Neither party is worthy of my support, and most of them are more concerned about leveraging their position for personal wealth than working for the good of the country.

  1. Let’s think what the watch can do:

    – start your fob-car

    – show messages/ emails/ calls

    – control updated ATV

    – proximity login to OS X

    – track runs

    – track reps for weights

    – prod standing/ walking goals

    – track heart rate changes on standing/ exertion, signifying heart health

    – unlock doors on proximity

    – Apple Pay

    – place calls

    – quick siri

    – fashion accessory

    – hotel doors, checkin

    – other reservation systems (cars, restaurant, airport, etc)

    – reminders

    – indoor mapping (where am I? How don’t get to seat 567D?)

    – car directions/ walking directions by map, vibration

    – grocery store (where’s the Ben and Jerry’s?)

    – surreptitious notifications (100% silent)

    – remote control by moving your hand

    That’s me in 5 minutes. This will rule.

  2. It’s all about the software . . . When 3rd party Apps are revealed at the March 9th event, it will open people’s eyes as to what is possible with the Apple Watch . . . Critics made a mistake with the iPhone in 2007, thinking it was a “phone” when it was so much more. When the apps came out, it changed things. Similarly, I hear people making comments about the Apple Watch, as if it’s a “watch” . . . . it is so much more.

  3. Whatever it is, it will be slyly training us for the next phase of person/machine interaction. Apple thinks several chess moves ahead. I think their main business is improving the human condition, something that seems crazy to traditional industry observers. Yet so far, that is what they have done, and they became rich.

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