Apple expands Apple Watch marketing with new multi-page spread in Vogue

“Apple appears to be gearing up for a big marketing push for the Apple Watch ahead of its April launch, featuring the device on several magazine covers,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “The Apple Watch made its U.S. magazine cover debut earlier this month in the March issue of Self, and it’s also being featured in a multi-page spread in the March issue of Vogue.”

“The Apple Watch is shown on multiple pages of the magazine, depicting different watch casings and band designs in clean ads that feature nothing but the Apple Watch itself,” Clover reports. “The images are actual size, giving readers an idea of how big the watch is in real life.”

“There’s a heavy focus on Apple Watch bands, several of which are depicted in close up images that show off details on their construction. The Milanese Loop is featured on one page, while the navy-colored Leather Loop is shown on another page,” Clover reports. “The Apple Watch sport with a green band is also shown, as is the fitness interface for one of the Apple Watch’s built-in fitness apps. Yet another page features the rose gold Apple Watch Edition with a Rose Gray Modern Buckle band.”

Apple expands Apple Watch marketing with new multi-page spread in Vogue
Apple expands Apple Watch marketing with new multi-page spread in Vogue

Read more and check out all of the images in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]

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  1. Awesome! Wow! Cool! Groovy! Funky! Innovative!
    It’s a stupid article about an ad in a newspaper, but it’s about apple so all of a sudden it’s worthy of an article here!

    Slow news day? Or a rookie reporter?

    What’s next? Tim Cook wears Joe Boxer! This reporter personally recommends when you run out and buy 56 pairs and play the copy cat game that you buy mediums, more supportive.

    1. This is an Apple news and information site. These sites talk about all things Apple, including advertising campaigns for an as yet released Apple product.

      I AM interested in knowing just how brilliant Apple is being with their advertising.

      If you don’t have any interest in Apple’s advertising, why did you click the link? The title is very descriptive about the contents of the article.

    2. A tech company (sorry, *the* tech company) is about to show us all how it’s done. I’d say that’s worth an article.

      Any other “smartwatch” launch would have been in Wired or maybe Time magazine. The fact that the Apple Watch looks right at home in Vogue, and Apple knows it and has the courage of their convictions is astounding. It’s not even day-one yet, and Apple has properly positioned their new product as a fashion accessory and a status symbol. That’s where they had to get to, in order to be successful in this space. To seize our wrist real estate.

      Mission accomplished.

    1. They’re not going to launch because they all know they’ll make way more money selling Apple-compatible bands and bracelets than they d selling cheap fashion-grade watches.

      Right now, behind the scenes, they’re all lobbying Apple for a “Made for Apple Watch” licence.

  2. Or we could take this article as…Apple spends more money on a multy page article than the average joe spends on food for himself in a year! It’s about Apple, no matter how trivial and how much of a waste of time reading it was, and the lack of any real news worthy information…Bow Down To Partially Eaten Apple Mere Mortal.

    1. As shareholder of a publicly traded company that sells products for profit, I’m extremely happy they advertise the products and services they sell or provide. The fact is it increases sales and provides a service to customers and benefits shareholders.

      Get out of your parents basement, take a business class, get a job and learn to pay your own bills.

    2. Bro, that’s *ADVERTISING*. What you just described is not unique to Apple or what Apple spends on advertising.

      But then again, if you knew that, you wouldn’t make such an ignorant comment.

      Slow work day?

      1. You mean slow day in his mom’s basement. She was late bringing him down his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Plus she ran out of wonder bread and had to use the icky kind.

    3. “Apple spends more money on a multy page article than the average joe spends on food for himself in a year! ”

      McDonald’s probably spends more money on toilet paper than the 1000 average joes spend on food for themselves in a year.

      your point on apple is?
      Big companies should not spend money on advertising?
      Advertising being a part of SALES. Commercial companies should not SELL stuff? Then WTF are they for?

      In 2013 for every dollar Apple spent in ads, Samsung spent 13.

      Microsoft spent as much money on their Surface NFL ad link as Apple’s ENTIRE 2009 ad budget for phones , Macs, Software, iTunes, Apple Stores and iPods worldwide (hey how much food for Joes is NFL Microsoft ad campaign? ) .

      seeing those facts perhaps you can go troll the Samsung, Microsoft etc fan sites?

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