Tim Cook meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

“It seems Tim Cook had more on his schedule than a meeting with BILD during his visit to Berlin yesterday: the newspaper reports that he also met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“Cook told BILD that they discussed security, net neutrality, environmental protection and education – but the key topic appears to have been data privacy,” Lovejoy reports.

“Cook said that he could well understand Germany’s strong stance on data privacy, stating that Germans ‘have the same views on privacy as I do,'” Lovejoy reports. “Cook said it was the first time he had met Merkel, and that he was ‘impressed by her deep knowledge of many different topics.'”

Tim Cook meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany
Tim Cook meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany

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  1. Apple has to dramatically increase marketing in Germany. This is the only of very developed countries where Apple has disproportionally low market share even after releasing iPhone 6 Plus.

    It is a shame that overpriced plastic by Samsung has so much ground there.

  2. It’s nice that Tim is visiting and meeting leaders from the free and civilized world. I bet it helps him deal with the crap he has to endure when he gets back home, provided he’s not routed to Guatanamo Bay or one of the other torture resorts that his home country runs.

  3. I expect Tim would have had an enjoyable chat with Angela Merkel. She is a very smart lady and I’m sure she would be able to and enjoy discussion on current technologies.
    How many world leaders are there with who are research scientist who wrote their PhD in the field of Quantum Chemistry?

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