Photos for Mac beta: One week later

“Last Thursday Apple released the first developer beta for their all-new Photos for Mac app,” Serenity Caldwell writes for iMore.

“A public beta will follow at some point, and the a public release this spring,” Caldwell writes. “In the meantime we’ve published a Photos for Mac FAQ and a Photos for Mac preview.”

“It’s still in beta, so everyone needs to adjust expectations accordingly, but it’s also the future, and potentially one full of promise,” Caldwell writes. “So, one week later, we’re following up with a few additional thoughts.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. The one thing that I’d really like to see with all of the iCloud tools is that you can share photos etc with the people in your family share. The frustrating thing for me is that to use iMessages, Find Friends, and comment on Photostream is that I need to have a separate iCloud account than the one that my wife and I shared from the old .mac days. My phone has my iCloud registered but I can access and edit our shared email and address book.

    I use another program (MacFamilyTree) that saves to iCloud Drive and I can’t access it on my phone because I use my iCloud account, and not the one that is shared with my wife on our MBPs. Either way you slice it, even if you have multiple accounts on the MBPs, one of the phones won’t be able to access the data which is somewhat lame.

  2. Will never use another photo app from apple. It abandoned us Aperture users, I even held out before I made the move to Lightroom. No need to switch back and be abandoned again. Still waiting for that iWeb update. Apple has a history of abandoning popular apps. Apple has to start perfecting these apps rather then sending out half backed applications and work on them later. Apple is not the Apple of years ago, Steve’s absence is clearly evident.

    1. I’ve been using Aperture since version 2.1, (also Lightroom, DxO, Capture One, and Phocus). Apple hasn’t “abandoned” Aperture users; it still works just as well as it did a month ago.

      I prefer Aperture, and I’ll likely keep using it for quite a while, as I expect it will take a while for Photos to catch up enough to replace it.

      At this point, I’d much prefer Apple do a clean-sheet replacement of Aperture, than to continually patch old code to work with APIs and OS services and tools that are far more powerful than the foundation of Aperture allows.

      I used to use Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express; FCP X is a much more pleasant and capable tool for doing video editing than either of it’s older cousins, barring a continually shrinking set of edge cases.

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