Analyst ups Apple price target to $150, says company developing ‘mega-ecosystem’

“Apple Inc.’s price target was raised to $150 at UBS and to $135 at BMO Capital Markets on Friday, as analysts continue to grow more bullish on the iPhone maker’s product line,” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch.

“UBS analyst Steven Milunovich, who rates Apple a buy, said Apple is creating a ‘mega-ecosystem’ that is quickly turning the company into a platform, rather than just a device, company,” Booton reports. “‘Apple the platform company may take it to $1 trillion,’ he said.”

Booton reports, “Meanwhile, BMO analyst Keith Bachman, who has an outperform rating on the stock, said he thinks Apple is adding ‘far more users than are leaving the brand’ and that its fiscal 2015 iPhone unit forecast may be conservative.”

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    1. That always amuses me when Apple gets a healthy upgrade and the share price takes a drop. I’ve always wondered how that mechanism works for some stocks but not others. I usually start to poke around for bad news, but I usually don’t find anything of consequence. However, since Apple has had some decent runs lately, one can’t expect it to rise every day.

      1. It is a puzzle. My impression is that speculators use AAPL as a safe place to stash money. When times are good they expect small company stock to grow more quickly. If they feel times are risky they flock to AAPL because the solid financials make it relatively safe.

  1. “Apple is creating a “mega-ecosystem” that is quickly turning the company into a platform, rather than just a device, company.”

    A platform definition when referring to computers: the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system (merrian-webster).

    Wow, these analysts make molasses flowing in February look fast.

    1. Yeah, pretty fracken stupid. Apple’s been a platform company since they started. The four largest today are..

      OS X – desktop computing/applications
      iOS – mobile computing/applications
      iCloud – web services/applications
      iTunes – media sales/distribution

  2. “Apple is creating a massive eco-system.”

    It’s sure good to have punditbots and fundtards point stuff like that. Next, maybe we can assign them to point out when it’s daytime. They could point out the window and everything.

  3. “What I can’t figure out is why he (Steve Jobs) is even trying (to be the CEO of Apple)? He knows he can’t win.” – Bill Gates, June 1998

    Wonder if Bill has any snappy comments now days.

    1998 Bill Gates: I can’t figure out why Jobs is even trying to be Apple CEO; he knows he can’t win

    “What Bill Gates didn’t count on when he declared Jobs a loser back in 1998, was the Californian’s tenacity. It took 12 years to do it, but Apple is well positioned now to take Microsoft’s crown.”

    Game, set, match!


    1. That comment coupled with Michael Dell and it sounded like Apple was dead …..

      Of course Bill Gates bought $150 Million in Stock to save Apple and we know real reason is agates needed Apple to help with antitrust laws ….

      So to review Gates buys $150 million in Apple Stock yet says Apple will fail and Michael Dell says shut down and. Ow some 15 plus years later Apple could guy and sell either company, particularly Dell ….

      And let’s not forget Steve Ballmer’s iPhone comment!

  4. Apple truly is creating a HUGE ecosystem and it all started with the iPod and iTunes ……

    Apple has been building the basement and foundation for years and now the walls, window and floors are going up and people are noticing …..

    Just wait until the decorating starts!

    1. Yep, building such an ecosystem and products took time, and the realization they could be more than just about the Mac. These tech CEOtards NEVER saw the Big Picture coming, hence being caught with their pants down while mostly humping each other. And Gates was for so long treated as a visionary when the reality is he was Doofus Emeritus at best, and a clever mass monopoly marketer.

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