Apple Pay to help drive multiyear expansion at VeriFone

“You eventually will ditch your wallet and start using Apple Pay or an equivalent digital wallet, according to VeriFone Systems Inc., the company whose technology powers mobile payment technologies,” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Pay has no equivalent.

“In December, point-of-sale device manufacturer VeriFone said Apple Pay would usher in a new era of mobile payments that would make cash and plastic as annoying to carry as coins are today,” Booton reports. “Proponents of the technology say digital wallets will one day become so ubiquitous that cash and plastic will be pushed into virtual irrelevancy.”

“In a note to clients on Wednesday, Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Meghna Ladha said this provides a ‘multiyear opportunity’ for VeriFone,” Booton reports. “The stock is Susquehanna’s ‘top pick for the year’ in 2015. Ladha reiterated a positive rating on VeriFone and a 12-month price target of $38 on the stock, which implies a 14% improvement over today’s price. The average rating among more than 17 analysts polled by FactSet is overweight. Shares of VeriFone traded up 1.3% at around $33.33 in recent trade. They are up about 17% over the last 12 months but have fallen 10% since November.”

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  1. Well let us just hope it is not Google Wallet. Just tried to renew with, and the ONLY way to pay them is through Google Wallet. Sent them a terse email saying they could forget my business.

  2. The only payment services, where “You are not the product” is Apple Pay; you are effectively anonymous to the merchant, helped enormously with Touch ID to ensure that you and only you confirm the payment.

    No other payment wallet or service comes remotely close!

    1. I agree with your statements about Apple Pay. By far the most important thing to me is that Apple Pay will keep my credit card information secure from retail theft (hackers into Target or other retail POS systems, waiters running your credit card at the restaurant, etc.

      But I don’t think that Apple Pay will necessarily end up materially reducing the amount of data collected on consumer retail activities. Retailers will use affinity cards and other “incentives” to tie your name to your purchases, even if the actual transaction is processed anonymously through Apple Pay.

      Retailers have already been pretty heavy-handed with their affinity card approaches. In many stores, it costs a lot more if you do not have a card. That is why I am “Fred Flintstone” at Safeway.

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