Apple may show off much more than Apple Watch at next special event

“Apple has a lot of explaining to do,” Cadie Thompson reports for CNBC. “While the tech giant showed off the Apple Watch at its iPhone launch in October, the company has since held its cards close, revealing only minimal information about the wearable device.”

“Earlier this month it was reported that Apple was planning an event on Feb. 24. While Apple has not confirmed that date, it is expected the company will announce a launch event in the near future, industry experts said,” Thompson reports. “Investors, as well as consumers, may expect to get an earful about the Apple Watch at the event, but the company may also have a few surprise announcements in store, those experts said.”

“Besides lots of news about the Apple Watch, the company could also reveal its music streaming ambitions,” Thompson reports. “The tech giant may also reveal a new larger iPad and new models of its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, said Bob O’Donnell, chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Edward W.,” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. I think they’re drifting away from the i-prefix hardware naming convention. It’s the Apple watch, not the iWatch many of us expected.

      BTW someone’s done a case that turns the iPhone into a stun gun

      1. 650,000 volts! But less than 1 milliamp. Darn.

        On a scale of 1 (paper cut) to 10 (natural childbirth) I would give it a solid 8. I could not hold it to my own arm for more than a second. To a would-be attacker, the element of surprise could make it even more effective.

        Applied to the correct anatomy, I expect it would be far more painful and demotivating. 😉

        1. I’ve long advocated the slot-loaded shuriken hurler, hand wound like a fine watch.. A drop of curare on the points should stun alright. A proper case design could house enough to take down a squad, at least. What’s that you say? Violence is abhorrent?—Ah, but the species has an exquisite talent for it.—Better to practice for it than bemoan its existence..

          It could well be that I logged too many hours playing post-apocalyptic videogames.. But it could just as well be that I logged too many hours watching breaking news..

          1. One of my social psychology research projects compared TV news watching with Fear of Violence. I found that the more local TV news coverage people watch the more fearful they are of victimization due to random violence on the streets.

            1. It may be a well known hypothesis, but until I isolated TV news viewing from general TV viewing in 1995, nobody had found an actual significant correlation between TV viewing and Fear of Violence. TV viewing is too broad a category with 600 channels available 24/7. Oddly, those who read newspaper accounts of the same news events were less fearful than those who watched the same stories on TV. I theorized that the explanatory details contained in the newspaper, but left out of the TV reporting reduced the seeming randomness of the violence and was, in fact, comforting to the reader.

            2. If stats and good news got the same level of coverage then the impact would be different!
              Example.. Today 99.9999999% of people were not effected by any crime..Vs 0.0000001% of people who had an issue !
              News is about sensationalizing things.. its not about objective reporting.
              Its about manipulating us through our primal sense of survival , FEAR .

          2. My nephew, 13, is designing his own dungeon sort of video game and has been asking for help with characters and strategy. So I had this great idea: Introduce him to ‘The Art Of War’. I worry now what the ripple effect will be. 😉

    2. What?!? iPhaser only has stun mode? Stupid Apple! They’ll never get any significant market share unless they add kill mode. Tim Cook should be fired!! Apple has clearly lost the ability to innovate. I’m switching to the Galaxy Phaser S9 when it comes out.

    1. *Tech* industry experts? Hmmm. It isn’t exactly an oxymoron because the words don’t actually negate one another. Within the field of analyzing tech companies, I think “industry experts” may be merely a “polymoron,” or would that be a “multimoron.” Moronorama? Idiotocracy. City of monkeys fucking footballs? Collection of bear cubs playing with themselves? Society of thumb-sucking, window-licking, helmet-wearing, window-licking, short-bus-riding booger eaters? I don’t know, but oxymoron seems a little mean.

    1. add also:

      – new Apple TV, preferably with local storage or easy local NAS intrgration options
      – new iPods across the board, all with more memory options
      – new user-expandable Mac Pro with graphics options including >4k display support
      – new displays, preferably a few sizes from 20″ to 30″ with matte options
      – new 17″ MacBook Pro
      – new 802.11ac Airport Express
      – new iPhone with 4″ display and A8 processor
      – new replacement for Aperture, iTunes, and other Mac software that has degraded or fallen behind
      – etc

  1. I’d like to see them come out with a 4K Monitor that supports UHD and DCI 4K standard (4096 × 2160) in 27″ to 31″ diagonal screen. Something along the line of what we see with the new 5K iMac.

    Speaking of the new iMac, I just had two clients order one each. They’re on 10 day back order. I didn’t realize Apple was selling them as fast as they can make them.

    My guess, quality and/or production issues involving that new built in display. The new iMac is one impressive machine. Around $3,000 for one with the 4GHz i7 Processor, 1TB Fusion Drive and 8GB RAM. Add two 8GB RAM chips for $190 from OWC for a total of 24GB RAM. Not cheap.

    Though, they may not want to steal any of the iWatch’s Thunder, “That’s what I’m calling it, I prefer it over AppleWatch or Watch.”

    I don’t think people have a clue what Apple has up its sleeves. But there’s a lot of new potential between rumored, guessed, and unimagined products.

    Apple spends way too much money on R&D to not be sitting on some new products and technology. Look how Swift came out of nowhere just recently and is already in the top 20 of favorite programming environments.

    What fun to watch Apple come out with all this cool stuff that actually works and gets used. None of Apple’s competition offers the same level of cool products that Apple has invented and developed.

    Computing would be a world of mediocrity if not for Apple. No other company has its IP skimmed, and blatantly ripped off the way Apple does.

  2. Maybe a new Apple TV finally, with an apple app remote that actually works on iPhone and iPad. Well, maybe we’ll get a new Apple TV, but I’m done holding my breath waiting for them to make their own remote app work. After all, look how long it took them to make an Apple Store app for iPad, instead of the no landscape mode, stretched up in size 2X iPhone app we all had to use for YEARS!

    1. I use the Remote app on my iPhone daily. Works great! I can even access my iTunes Home Sharing library with it to view movies, TV shows, etc in my library. Love it! What are your problems with it?

  3. CNBC need something to write about i’spose

    The simple reason Apple inc. moved away from industry events was to work to their own timetable, delivering products when they are ready to wow consumers and increasingly businesses.

    Apple inc. do not pander to numskull analysts and click bait reports on CNBC!

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