How to stream Sling TV with Apple TV

“Dish Network has managed to pull off a near perfect cord cutter miracle,” Mark Reschke reports for T-GAAP. “Dish Network’s Sling TV delivers live streaming of some of the most popular cable networks, creating a ‘network mini-bundle’ for only $20 a month. ESPN, EPSN2, TNT, TBS, CNN, Disney, Cartoon Network, HGTV, and many more worthy channels. ”

“There’s only one glaring issue for Dish Networks shiny new toy – Sling TV is not on Apple TV (yet) and is not able to work with AirPlay from iOS,” Reschke reports. “However, we at T-GAAP have a solution to get Sling TV onto your television thru Apple TV.”

“AirParrot 2 effortlessly connects to an Apple TV, and it can be used to mirror your Mac’s monitor or in extended mode to give your Mac an additional monitor,” Reschke reports. “Running my TV in Extended Desktop mode, I launched Sling TV and simply dragged Sling TV to my new ‘extended’ monitor — the TV.”

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        I’m an Eisenhower Republican. We are considered communists by the goon squads today.

  1. But there is an app for my amazon fire tv. I love my apple products but i had to give up the old beast. The apple tv 2 is no longer supported in XBMC and its what 5 years old now?
    The apple tv 3 is now 3 years old and can’t run XBMC/KODI and it is slower compared to other media streaming boxes.

    This may work with the parrot tv but personally apple needs to get in the game they don’t take any pride in the Apple tv.

  2. It works with my amazon fire tv.
    Its to bad that apple had a great thing here and they let it go. They could have owned the streaming box market by doing what amazon is doing with the voice search and opening it up to 3rd parry apps and games.
    I love my apple products but the Apple tv is just to old and is no longer supported with XBMC so i had to give it up

    1. My guess is that Apple’s working on content deals before releasing their next foray into our living rooms; be it the Apple TV or something else entirely.

      Currently I can play Netflix from my “smart” non-Samsung TV. So, I can wait for Apple to add video games, a netflix / Dish Sling TV-like service, or whatever they’re planning on next.

      (I think Apple is probably more concerned about this than both you and I are at the moment quite honestly. 😉 )

    1. Please Apple has no such desire. They have not even updated the Apple tv in years. And in the world of electronics min is every 2 years for a media player. So much changes.
      Personally the sling tv is OK but its not great. For $20 a month i want more channels. I mean the quality is not quite as good and the fact that they won’t allow you to dvr anything and can’t rewind fast forward most of the channels.

      Someone who does not have huge ties to traditional tv needs to come forth and come out with something Someone who will have more invested. But dish can get its legs wet and do the ground work then let someone else come out and really do it.

      Same with the Apple tv i mean APPLE did a great job by starting the mini media box where you didn’t have to use a computer for that.
      Now if apple really wants to compete they need to offer something fantastic in this area. But i doubt they will the ATV has always been a side project a do it if and when we get around to it.

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