Another massive iPhone quarter on tap; 50+ million units this quarter, sources say

“Shipments of iPhone devices are expected to top 50 million units in the first quarter of 2015, increasing 14.4% from 43.7 million units shipped in the year earlier period, according to an estimate by sources in Taiwan’s handset supply chain,” Max Wang and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“Demand for smartphones in the Greater China area during the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays,” Wang and Shen report, “will maintain sales of iPhone devices in the first quarter, the market watchers said.”

Wang and Shen report, “The ratio of Asia-Pacific sales to Apple’s total sales is expected to continue to rise, said the watchers.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: In calendar first quarter 2014 (Apple’s fiscal Q214), Cupertino sold 43.719 million iPhone units.


  1. Expect more like 65 million iPhones sold …… This quarter will blow away everyone’s number and leave NO DOUBT quality sells and Apple is Number One most desired phone and then comes the Watch, watch the Watch turn heads when they report there margins and numbers going off the charts …..

    Buy Apple!

    1. Unless something unexpected will happen, 50 million iPhones is within Apple’s $55 billion revenue upper limit, we do not need “sources” to guess that. This is already healthy ~15% growth, but $65 billion is highly unlikely.

      1. 50 million iPhones no problem ….. I think number will be over 60 million and could be 65 million ….. Remember China is now launched and Apple sold 48% increase year over year so take the 43.7 millions units and figure 50% yoy and you get 65 million …..

        Again I maybe high but I have on record over 72 million last quarter with over 75 million rev and I had those numbers down before report and some said I was goofy too!

  2. Isn’t Wall Street hoping for 75 million iPhones sold in back to back quarters. If not, Apple will be in trouble. The greed on Wall Street is infinite so analysts are going to make it impossible for Apple to look good in the March quarter. They’re not going to let Apple make them look stupid the second time around. It will be payback time, Wall Street style.

    I find it absolutely ridiculous how analysts can simply keep raising expectations to the point where a company almost has to miss. Even in competitions, you only have do well enough to beat the other guy and not a panel of judges saying you have to reach a certain number of points or low time.

    On the other hand, Amazon made $0.45 profit which handily beat expectations (but lower profit than last year) and so far the share price has gone up over $60 post earnings which translates to around a 20% gain. It’s totally absurd to see that amount of share price gains.

    1. It’s fucking ridiculous.

      Until investors and the idiot sheep that follow these deaf, dumb and blind idiot analists demand accountability from their bosses and investment firms and make them put their money where their running mouths are, we will contonue to see the equivalent of lambs led to slaughter – herds of naive stupid investors losing their pants and missing golden opportunities who are victims of the ignorant misleading and deliberate FUDing of Apple and other investments.

      These are the same genuises that missed the big finacial meltdown and encouraged the wothless investments that caused it.

  3. I live in an area of Sydney which is heavily Chinese in population. Many of the shops around here don’t even bother to put English on their shopfronts. Before the ip6 most of the phones sticking out of girls back pockets were samsung whatevers.

    Now I see iPhone 6+ mostly instead, masses of them. Amazing how quickly the change has taken place. With Chinese New Year coming up apple millions and millions will sold for gifts. I think Apple will have another incredible quarter.

    1. Interesting. That’d be the Eastwood / Chatswood area? (Some lark would routinely change Eastwood to Fatwood on the benches at the train station). My observation is that up here in Cairns the East Asian girls and boys (though mostly tourists here) never abandoned the iPhone. Nary a cheap-shit plasticky Samesong / Fisher Price phone to be seen.

  4. Apple is doomed, run pull all your investment dollars out fast because there’s no way Apple can continue this sales record…

    Forget the track record, the innovation, the quality, the customer experience and excellent customer service, forget all the other great seamlessly integrated products and ecosystem, forget the transparent user freindly interfaces to superior technological genius and its enabling of productivity.

    Apple is doomed amd finished.

    Yeah right…!!!🙀

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