Apple debuts first TV commercial created specifically for China

“Apple has created its first television commercial specifically for China, a spot that commemorates the New Year,” Dawn Chmielewski reports for Re/code.

“The ad — which is strongly evocative of Apple’s holiday campaign in the United States — celebrates the importance of family, even as it underscores the growing importance of China as a market for Apple,” Chmielewski reports. “Apple’s commercial depicts a young girl using the company’s products to create a memento for her grandmother incorporating a popular song from the 1940s, ‘Forever Smile,’ sung by acclaimed Chinese singer and actress Zhou Xuan, who earned the nickname ‘Golden Voice.'”

Chmielewski reports, “It was produced by award-winning Asian filmmaker Ann Hui On-Wah, art director William Chang Suk Ping and cinematographer Christopher Doyle.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s companion ad, “The Song:”

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