Analysts: Apple has beaten Samsung to become world’s largest smartphone vendor

“After recording the biggest quarterly profit by any company ever, Apple might have earned itself another accolade: world’s largest smartphone vendor,” James Vincent reports for The Verge.

“It’s clear that the iPhone maker had a bumper quarter, reporting record sales of 74.5 million smartphones. However, Samsung is only saying that it sold 95 million total handsets, of which, it says, somewhere between 71 million and 75 million (the ‘high 70 percent’) were smartphones,” Vincent reports. “Samsung isn’t likely to give up any more information on the topic, and analysts and industry experts are hedging their bets accordingly.”

Vincent reports, “Counterpoint Research, which polls global distributors for its figures, says the iPhone maker is definitely ahead — pegging Samsung’s shipments at only 73.8 million.”

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  1. For now, this win is only temporary as Apple prognoses $$52-55 billion sales in the current quarter, what translates to 45-50 million iPhones. It is up to 15% year over year growth, but Samsung will sell more “smartphones” this quarter.

    But, to be correct, Samsung counts $100 devices as “smartphones”, so deciding leader of the market by quantity is incredibly stupid.

    True leader of any market is the party who sell more in currency, not in quantity. Apple was number one for years.

      1. Yes, but their decline is always much less significant since not a lot of people buy that overpriced plastic as presents in December quarter.

        Apple is totally different story. Their products are the most wanted holiday present and this is why Apple has not just bigger, but much bigger holiday quarter than the preceding and the following.

  2. I note that the author refers to the number of Samsung phones “sold”. Samsung usually refers to shipped phones and I wasn’t aware of any switch to providing numbers for sold phones.

    There’s always far too much reliance on smoke and mirrors when it comes to figures about Samsung’s performance.

  3. And then there is WallStreet drooling all over Gaagle and All things Vaporware & the stock goes UP!?

    A number of “unusual operating expenses” that added up to $300 million impacted the company in Q4, Google CFO Patrick Pichette said on a conference call with analysts. Google’s Nexus 7 smartphone was so “well-received,” Pichette said, that the company was unable to keep up with demand.

    Smoke & Mirrors? Liars more to the point. Scumbags also come to mind.

  4. Samdung does not know how many they sold ?
    71 to 75? Which one is it? Or is it at all?

    Is it shipped or actually sold !

    Don’t believe a word that conmes out of this scumbag company !

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