Apple flagship iPhone 6 Plus captures 30% of unit sales in face of widespread shortages

“Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) sees iPhone average selling prices (ASPs) rising in last year’s fourth quarter and iPad ASPs falling based on the purchasing patterns it uncoverd in a consumer survey,” Joseph Palenchar reports for Twice.

“The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, launched late in the third quarter, accounted for three-quarters of all iPhones sold in the fourth quarter, CIRP found,” Palenchar reports. “The iPhone 6 accounted for 45 percent of iPhone sales, with the more expensive iPhone 6 Plus accounting for 30 percent, CIRP said.”

Palenchar reports, “‘Apple introduced a new higher price point with the iPhone 6 Plus, and with new pricing sold more units at higher storage capacities,’ said CIRP partner Josh Lowitz. ‘We expect the average selling price to increase nicely when they report earnings on January 27.'”

iPhone models U.S. Sales mix, Q414 vs. Q413:
CIRP iPhone models U.S. sales mix, Q114 vs. Q113

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  1. The only downside I see to selling more of the Plus model is that people’s upgrade cycle may extend longer.

    I have been updating my iPhone every year, but after purchasing two $950 unlocked 128GB 6 pluses for myself and my girlfriend this year, I may skip the 6S. Other people may be inclined to not upgrade for more than the customer two years.

    But this “problem” is that I am a happy and almost too satisfied customer, so from Apple’s perspective of focusing on the customer, and not short term issues, the demand for the 6 Plus despite its cost is a sign of great success!

    1. I’ve upgraded every year since the original iPhone and have iPhone 6 Plus 128GB. Since I can’t imagine Apple is going to release a 256GB iPhone anytime soon, it’s hard to imagine any significant improvement on 6+.

      That being said, I’ll upgrade if the rumored dual lens camera comes out this year on the s model.

      1. A 256GB model is possible. Not sure of the power consumption impact of double the storage, but it may be very minor.

        More RAM might be a better choice than more storage, but both together would be even better.

        1. Technically it’s been possible for a whilenow, but not realistically so from a marketing perspective. It’s pretty much a lock that it’s not going to happen this year (and probably not for a couple of years).

          More RAM seems likely this time around. My guess is they go with 2GB of DDR4 which will be one component variable that actually improves battery life.

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