1. In today’s news media world, deadlines are no longer daily (in other words, you aren’t writing for the nightly prime-time broadcast, or for the evening edition of the paper); your deadline is always NOW. For that, you need to have gear that will always work and that will be fast and intuitive to use.

    Obviously, nothing out there works like the Mac.

  2. Wonder how the one “Non-Apple Guy” in front row feels with MacBooks on both sides and all around …..

    Like maybe I don’t belong here or I made the wrong choice of laptops …. Either way I’ll be glad when I get outa here!

      1. I recall that at one point Obama ordered a pile of BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets for his Whitehouse staff. Oops. Once the limitations of the PlayBooks™ were made public, the Whitehouse sent them back. As seen this past week in his college education graph demo, Obama and his staff now use iPads.

  3. Could it be that mainstream political journalists use Apple gear because they are not very tech-savvy? Or are very image-conscious? Or are easily hoodwinked by Apple PR? Or is this evidence of a clandestine Apple product placement operation, putting MacBooks in the hands of prominent journalists?

    (Scratches head) — There has got to be a downside, some kind of spin that makes Apple look bad. Whatever it is, it will turn up in the headlines soon. Because Good news for Apple doesn’t generate lucrative page views the way Bad news does.

  4. The legal community has preferred using Macs since the first PowerBook hit the market. They’re standard at law schools. One lawyer I know apologized to me about the Windows box he’d been given at work and assured me he used a Mac at home. 😀

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