Apple Pay adds 15 more banks and credit unions

“Following the addition of eight additional card issuers and banks earlier this month, Apple has updated its list of supported institutions and card types to include 15 more credit unions and banks,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac. “These new banks are listed as supporting Apple Pay as of today.”

• A+ Federal Credit Union
• Amegy Bank of Texas
• America First Credit Union
• Bethpage Federal Credit Union
• California Bank & Trust
• Connex Credit Union
• Goldenwest FCU
• Huntington Bank
• KeyPoint Credit Union
• Meijer Credit Union
• National Bank of Arizona
• Nevada State Bank
• The Bank of Greene County
• Vectra Bank
• Zions First National Bank

“As mentioned above, today’s update marks the second addition to Apple’s list of supported Apple Pay institutions for January,” Hall reports. “Including the 15 institutions added today, Apple Pay now supports more than 45 banks and credit unions with over 500 signed on to eventually support the mobile payment service.”

More info and the full list of banks and credit unions that support Apple Pay in the full article here.


  1. Not sure when the Equipment upgrades begin in earnest, since sometime this year (I thought) retailers would need gear that would also accept the chipped cards along with Pins, to make them more secure..

    Many places have cash registers that just swipe cards, and that’s not going to work unless they can also add a keypad for the customer to enter their pin, or they’ll have to be replaced in some fashion with external devices that add the chip reader (that should work with Apple Pay) that will interface with their current cash register. (I suspect this is unlikely)

  2. Still no Santander? I’m going to have to start thinking long and hard about switching my accounts over to an ApplePay friendly institution.

    Adapt or die.
    -Billy Beane

  3. Beware… if you have a store-sponsored VISA or MasterCard (Target VISA, Sam’s Club MasterCard, etc.), it may still not work with Pay, even if the bank that issued that card is on the approved Pay list.

    I have both of those cards, both issued by approved Pay banks. But both Target and Sam’s Club refuse to allow their cards to work with Pay. And it’s completely their decision, not the banks.

    I hope they rue the day…

      1. I use it because it’s what it is.

        Check Apple’s website… it’s Pay.

        Check the many credit card and bank commercials on TV… it’s Pay.

        Oh, damn… I did it again. I said TV. That’s television for you, MikeK. 😉

          1. Oh, Mikey…

            Sorry I’m not going to conform to MikeK’s puckered-up-tight literary law. Relax, man. Pay is appealing visually, the  makes it stand out in a crowd, and everyone immediately recognizes what company we’re talking about, even at a glance. That might be why marketing departments who spend millions on TV are writing it as Pay in their commercials.

            The fact that it seems to bother you so much is unfortunate… for you. Tell you what… when Target and Sam’s Club make their cards work with Pay for me, I’ll stop writing it that way just for you… (not really). 😜

            1. Interesting, i prove you wrong and suddenly it becomes “MikeK’s law.” Well I got news for you, It’s not “MikeK law” it’s called English…

              “Pay” is a logo. Logo’s are great for a header on a website, billboard, or a package, but not for writing word. Which is why the text of books, magazines, and websites contain words made up of the 26 letter alphabet, not symbols or logos.

              It’s not eye-catching, it’s ugly, tacky and in bad taste.

              Less is more. One “” is sufficient. Cheers.

            2. What you proved is your own lack of a grasp on the English language. If I were like you, I could point out all the writing errors in your last message… at least 9 of them. But oh so thankfully, I’m not like you. I don’t let stuff like that get under my skin. But apparently you enjoy criticizing others. This all started when, rather than comment on the subject of my original message, you chose to attack the way I wrote it.

              You’re going to be seeing Pay a lot more in the near future… a whole lot more. Hope you can live with that. C’est la vie…

            3. I’ve no problem with Apple Pay, I hope to see more of it!!

              It’s obvious you’re having fun with the Option-Shift-K, let me know when you figure out the command for “Golden Arches” instead of McDonalds! 🙂

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