Apple’s plan for iPad in an iPhone world

“The iPad was introduced five years ago when iPhones were smaller and MacBooks were larger,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. “Apple was able to market the iPad’s larger screen as a reason to not only own a smartphone and PC, but also a tablet.”

“In the past, Apple positioned products in separate silos geared for a particular buyer. Apple has begun taking a new direction where each device is merely a piece of the bigger puzzle in which a customer chooses products based on their personality and lifestyle,” Cybart writes. “The change has significant implications not only for iPad, but also for how Apple looks at future product iterations, including wearables.”

“The iPad was crowned the future of computing. In reality, iOS is the future of computing,” Cybart writes. “The iPad is now positioned to take a supporting role to iPhone as Apple expands the iOS ecosystem.”

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  1. Far from playing a supporting role to her iPhone, my partner’s iPad has eliminated the need for an iPhone altogether. While she doesn’t always have her iPad about her person all the time, it’s seldom far away. She now no longer needs a smartphone, so instead bought a very cheap Nokia dumb phone which she only uses for calls and texts. The phone is small and light, with a battery that only needs charging once every few days, quite often just once at week.

    Having a tiny dumb phone with her at all times and a very smart iPad near to hand has proved to be the best and most convenient solution for her.

    1. Close but not quite replaced my mac yet..
      Maybe the ipad pro will do that. (Kick butt ptocessir and seriouse ram )

      1-I need a platform that can run full featured software …not watered down baby versions.. Like Photoshop …FCP .. 3d modeling … Etc.. The real deals not waterdown versions.

      2- i need a precise input device.. Fingers dont cut it as a pointer, selection, drawing tool for seriose work .
      Hope apple 3d stylus patented a while ago is intended to solve this issue !!

      3- i need to be able to have a file/ folder system through which i can organize my work and all relevant files per project.. Present ios system is too limiting and inflexible !

      4- mutiple windows and better multitasking!

      Hope it happens.
      Looking forward to ipad pro and apple watch !BIG TIME

      Maybe solution is having osx on ipad pro ????

  2. It still seems as though a MacBook Air would be more practical and useful than an iPad for me. I prefer typing on full-size physical keyboards. However, I realize an iPad has it’s place for certain uses and for me that would be strictly content consumption. I just don’t see how Apple is going to convince consumers to buy more iPads than they need. That’s really going to have to be one smart marketing trick to sell consumers an over-sized iPad Pro.

  3. I upgraded from the Air to the Air 2 due to the upgraded camera element and the lighter frame . I haven’t been disappointed and also use Notability and iBooks on a daily basis as well as general web browsing .

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