Apple’s Swift is on fire

“In the battle for the hearts and minds of app developers, Swift’s rise has been ‘meteoric,’ according to new report,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “Red Monk’s Stephen O’Grady, who predicted last summer that Swift was going to be ‘a lot more popular, and very soon.'”

P.E.D. reports, “‘Even so,’ O’Grady wrote Thursday, ‘the growth that Swift experienced is essentially unprecedented in the history of these rankings. When we see dramatic growth from a language it typically has jumped somewhere between 5 and 10 spots, and the closer the language gets to the Top 20 or within it, the more difficult growth is to come by. And yet Swift has gone from our 68th ranked language during Q3 to number 22 this quarter, a jump of 46 spots. From its position far down on the board, Swift now finds itself one spot behind Coffeescript and just ahead of Lua. As the plot suggests, Swift’s growth is more obvious on StackOverflow than GitHub, where the most active Swift repositories are either educational or infrastructure in nature, but even so the growth has been remarkable. Given this dramatic ascension, it seems reasonable to expect that the Q3 rankings this year will see Swift as a Top 20 language.'”

Read more, and check out the charts, in the full article here.


  1. For OSX programming of anything significant, it is half-baked. I am sure it was always aimed at iOS coders. There seems to be a smoother workflow for them.
    Try any sophisticated graphics for the Mac with it.

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