Apple said to hold special media event in February

“Research, rumor and a timely update, inform us that Apple will be holding a special event in February 2015,” Mark Reschke reports for T-GAAP. “Exact timing is still unclear, but Tuesday, February 24th, may indeed be the event date, with an as of yet unknown announcement.”

“From what we have gleaned, Tim Cook will revisit Apple Watch, recapping its capabilities and possibly showing off some new features not yet revealed,” Reschke reports. “In addition we will learn about regional launch dates and pricing for all models and wristband options.”

Reschke reports, “The second announcement will be the unveiling of a fan-less 12-inch MacBook.”

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  1. They will announce the next operating system “Yosemite Sam”, complete with the full cartoon transformation of all icons, menus and colors.
    They started this transformation in version 10.10 but ran out of time and shipped it incomplete.
    Just you wait until 10.11 is out. It’s one more better than 10. Maybe they’ll fix bugs too. Naa, Wiley coyote would get em.

  2. I know they say it’s pointless waiting for the next version of Apple hardware, but replacing my 2010 Macbook Pro is definitely on the cards. I’d be a fool not to wait until the end of Feb to see if Broadwell hits the Macbook Pro range, right??

    1. If you can wait, I would probably hang on personally. I would have the same fears as you this close to a potential bump in spec for the same money.

      As we’re talking laptops too, the potential improvements in battery life of a Broadwell MBP would justify waiting for me.

  3. I haven’t been paying attention to the rumors, but if they have an 11-inch MBA and a 13-inch MBA, why would they want a 12-inch MBA. Wouldn’t someone who was getting a retina display also want the larger 13-inch screen? I know I would. I want a new MBA. Retina would be nice. But I really do not want a smaller screen.

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