Will Apple allow ads on Apple Watch?

“Despite the fact that there aren’t specific references to advertising in Apple’s guidelines for app developers building features for Apple Watch, a couple companies have already announced plans to deliver ads to the device,” Jordan Kahn repoerts for 9to5Mac. “”

“But do they know something we don’t?” Kahn wonders. “Or has Apple not yet made up its mind regarding what it plans for advertising policies on the Watch ahead of a launch expected in the next couple of months?”

“Sources at large advertising companies tell us Apple is being very cooperative, but that the company hasn’t relayed anything in the form of final guidelines,” Kahn reports. “From the sound of the announcements from inMarket and the update from Tapsense, it would seem as if Apple hasn’t yet made up its mind for how advertising will play out on the device. Apple doesn’t have a framework yet to bring its own iAd platform to Apple Watch either.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Amen brother. Speaking of which MDN better stop redirecting involuntarily and abruptly to the App Store on my iPad from here or I’ll be gone from here too. Life’s too short for such blatant and unfathomable hypocritical nonsense.

  1. Definitely not in the first year. Ads are uncool. Only after iWatch is phenomenal success should the possibility of adding advertisements even be considered. If they do ad it, they’ll have so very thoughtfully and carefully, in order to not completely ruin iWatch’s appeal.

  2. Hmmmm, I have to say I’m ambivalent. As a user, I’d much prefer no ads (and free software!), but as a developer, I know that in order to release my apps for free, I have to have another source of revenue, which is ads on the phone/iPad.

    Ads are already a pain on phones, as the screens are small. I can’t quite figure out how you’d have an ad on something as small as the watch screen without reducing the app to almost nothing….

    Glad I don’t have to figure this stuff out!

    1. Maybe we’ll just see the logo for Coke or Chevy for ten seconds?

      For the most part, we don’t mind ads about products we love that are nicely done. I still seek out the “Photos Every Day” ad and watch it. However, a lot of ads are the opposite, intrusive, blaring interruptions for stuff we don’t want. But that is how those companies survive. They blanket the media with their spam and get just enough positive replies to make money.

  3. The only ads on the iPhone are in-app ads. I’d expect the watch to be set up the same way. And BTW, when an app on my phone has embedded ads it doesn’t survive very long. I hate advertising on devices I’ve paid for.

  4. I love the idea of well targeted ads! When I am in the market for something, I want companies selling THOSE items to target me with ads for their product along with the closest location and a discount.

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