1. ‘Some time later after I had just come from an apple farm, I don’t eat meat and I was on one of my fruitarian diets, I told Woz: “Oh, I’ve got a name for the company: Apple Computer.” It sounded fun, spirited and not intimidating, Apple took the edge off the word ‘computer’. Plus, it would get us ahead of Atari in the phone book.’

    ‘Steve Jobs Bio: The Unauthorized Autobiography.’

        1. The Stranger:

          The Dude abides. I don’t know about you but I take comfort in that. It’s good knowin’ he’s out there. The Dude. Takin’ ‘er easy for all us sinners.

  2. “Earlier in December, conservative commentator Glenn Beck raised eyebrows when he managed to link Apple’s famous logo to, among other things, Nazis, homosexuality and Benedict Cumberbatch,”

    “…managed to link…”? Try “attempted to link.”

  3. Now I’m going to disclose a secret: Glenn Beck, like many other Neo-Cons, is out of his bloody mind. I pity people who take the lunatic ramblings of such people seriously.

    Folks: Get a better shepherd. Or better yet, become your own shepherd. It’s what life’s about. CHOICE.

    1. Exactly,

      Among other things the minds of people who trend conservative seem more receptive to buy in to conspiracy theories, threats and us versus them clannish type behaviors. This subject has been studied with Functional MRI and other methods and shows definite differences between people who trend conservative and liberal.

      The size of the Right Amygdala and the tendency to be more conservative has been and is being studied.

      In the end, though, conservatism is a malady that can be cured with knowledge and real world experience. It is easy to demonize and fear that which you do not know or understand.

      1. DavGreg,

        It’s not just conservative wing-nuts – it’s all wing-nuts, left and right. Liberal wing-nuts love to blame all the world’s ills on businesses, and people who are financially successful. They hold themselves to be above the petty, clannish “us vs. them” mentality, but they aren’t. They are just as judgmental, and hate-mongering as anyone on the right.

        Partisan politics is for people who can’t be bothered with reality, and want an oversimplified view of the world to provide them with a list of people to blame (other than themselves) for all the bad things, and make them believe they are somehow smarter than everyone else.

  4. Let’s be honest: it’s clear the original logo was all about Sir Isaac Newton and the story of the falling apple and his theory of gravity. But the revised logo, with the bite taken out of it, is CLEARLY a nod to the biblical story of “the fruit of knowledge,” which is usually depicted as an apple. So that theory is, in fact, true…

    1. According to Apple Confidential 2.0 the designer made the logo with bite out of it to prevent it from being mistaken for a cherry tomato.

      The original logo designed by Wayne is reproduced in the book. Jobs was correct (IMHO) in that it was too finely detailed to reproduce accurately or be memorable. The apple was a very small part of the original logo.

  5. “…Enigma code breaker Alan Turing, a brilliant and closeted mathematician who, uncovered by Britain’s moral police in 1954”

    I didn’t realize being a mathematician was such a big deal back in 1954.

    Seriously, Turing’s suicide was a devastating tragedy. Who knows what opportunities mankind missed out on. Where would be today if he had lived to the turn of the century?

  6. The way I remember it, the stripes in the original color logo are not in the same order when compared to a rainbow. Steve purposely randomized them to represent the chaotic effect Apple was having on the computer industry.

  7. “Earlier in December, conservative commentator Glenn Beck raised eyebrows when he managed to link Apple’s famous logo to, among other things, Nazis, homosexuality and Benedict Cumberbatch,” What exactly does that mean? What do Nazis, homosexuality and a fine actor, Benedict Cumberbatch have in common? I realize the Glen Beck sees conspiracies everywhere, regardless of wether he is asleep or awake. He really needs to take his medications avery day.

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