Five smartphone wishes for 2015: Smartphones must do better in 5 key areas

“The smartphones of 2014 were an impressive lot,” Eric Zeman writes for InformationWeek.

“Phone makers introduced new technology at a rapid pace and added useful features throughout the year. But it’s almost 2015 and time to ask for more in the coming year,” Zeman writes. “Smartphones have never been more powerful, but they can always be better. Here are five key improvements we’d like to see.”

Five Smartphone Wishes For 2015:
1. Better battery life
2. Paying for stuff
3. More resilience
4. Better security
5. Affordability

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  1. Five Smartphone Wishes For 2015:
    1. Better battery life – duh. We all want that every year.
    2. Paying for stuff – hello, Apple Pay!
    3. More resilience – never been a problem for me.
    4. Better security – can’t imagine Apple doing any better than they are.
    5. Affordability – yeah, okay, another thing we all always want. But it isn’t at all unreasonable for what you get.

    So…. rdiddly nailed it. 🙂

    1. iPhone’s have reached a level of perfection where obvious improvements are just “do X slightly better”.

      A big improvement would be 3D perspective screens, dual cams for 3D pictures. Not sure if this is an area Apple wants to go, but if they did it, they would do it well.

      iGlasses that projected information in front of our vision would be great, pairing with the iPhone in the same way the Apple Watch does. (But NOT including a head mounted camera, to completely avoid the creep factor. The iPhone already provides the camera.)

      Super integration with AppleTV would be nice even though that’s mostly an AppleTV upgrade. i.e. TVPlay for AppleTV, like Carplay for cars where apps on the iPhone switch modes and link to AppleTV controllers for gaming and other app control. The AppleTV would sit on top of the TV and have a cam for full room FaceTime. Great for the holiday “room sharing” with friends and families.

    2. What an idiot. It sounds more like “what apple achieved with smartphones in 2014” than something he should still be asking for. Perhaps he’s an android user suffering with garbage and doesn’t realize the iPhone already has all these things.

  2. 1. iPhone 6/6+ (6+ Lasts over 1 WHOLE day and longer)
    2. iPhone 6/6+/5s
    3. Apple case (leather or plastic). Both work really well.
    4. iPhone 5s and above.
    5. If you can’t afford an iPhone 5s/6/6+ you don’t value items 1,2,3 and 4 very much. The price of a newer iPhone is worth every penny.

    1. There are no iPhone 6 cases that retain the touch ID that allow you to drop your iPhone into water. There are water tight cases but they do not allow you to use the finger print sensor. Either an Apple brand iPhone cases that makes it shock resident and water tight, would be great. That or make the next model far sturdier from drops and water tight.

    2. Agreed. They are not expensive anyway. I consider my 128 GB 6Plus to be well worth the cost and good value for the money. Bitching about price just means you don’t understand how Apple’s premium actually pays for the R&D to build amazing products in the future and you’re a dirtbag who should be buying groceries for your 10 kids and not blogging about how you can’t afford a smartphone.

  3. Water resistance
    Less bendable
    More gestures
    Less home button use

    iCloud Drive access (exploring all files in a Finder)
    Mac-like Preview app supporting my signature to sign PDFs

    1. Yes the Mac like preview app is something I have called for for a while. A full finder like environment is not required or for most desirable but some form of multi function app that can bring together storage of things like PDFs from various other apps and can view and communicate universally and exploit airdrop blah blah blah would I thing solve a lot of the black hole I find in iOS when saving or looking for things where you need a very good memory to try to mimic the capabilities of storing and using docs and things on a Mac. I have just saved a an image link from the option menus as I couldn’t save the image for reference and I actually have no idea where that can now be located.

  4. Lets applied that to our cars and see if it makes sense.
    1. A electric car that can go 1000 thousand miles before charges or a gas car that gets 90 miles a gallon, that can seat 5 or six passengers.
    2. Never have to pay for gas.
    3. Never need to go to garage for any thing ever again.
    4. A car that can never be stolen, even with the keys inside and the car running.
    5. And a BMW for under 10,000 dollars, make that 5,000 and a plastics body.

  5. How about a browser that blocks all those little tiny banner ads that require you to hit a tiny “x” to close (and if you can’t hit them, then you have to read a few lines of text of the page you are on)? These things are making using a smartphone to browse the internet with a pain in the ass.

  6. While these sound outrageous, they’ll all come in time, with the exception of price. Why would you want to cut funding of future devices so apple could do nothing more than break even on a current model? That’s not a solution for long term growth or advancement of this great technology. When you buy a smartphone from apple you are not only buying great technology, but helping fund future technology. Stop being cheap, you sound poor.

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