CBS News: Apple Pay in the driver’s seat

“New York City is trying to make it easier for people to pay their parking tickets,” Amanda Schupak reports for CBS News. “According to MarketWatch, the city’s finance department is looking to offer offenders a way to use mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay to settle fines.”

“In other good news for car-and-iPhone-6 owners, Chevron seems to have leaked word of its own plans to bring Apple Pay to the pump in 2015,” Schupak reports. “The move from inside to outside at Chevron stations, and NYC’s push to leverage the technology to collect fines, may herald the next wave of mobile payments beyond the traditional point of sale.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. I predict that within 5-6 years, if Android is able to add fingerprint authentication as reliable as Apple’s technology, that we will see bank ATMs using cell phone authentications for their transactions. This will help prevent cash withdrawal theft.

  2. Travel internationally quite a bit. My fingerprints are scanned by a multitude of government agencies several times a year… I was in Argentina and Chile over Christmas… Caused me to pause and wonder just how secure my finger prints actually are….

    1. Remember, to use fingerprint ID at an ATM you still would need to be holding an iPhone with the applicable credit card properly registered in the secure enclave of Passbook. So simply having the fingerprint alone is not sufficient.

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