Poll: Apple by far the No. 1 brand in wearables – and it doesn’t have one yet

“Apple doesn’t even have a wearable computing device on the market, but already it’s by far the top brand in the young category,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“In a recent poll by Ipsos, U.S. adults were asked which brands they would consider purchasing in the wearables category,” Seitz reports. “Apple was tops with 62%, followed by Google (44%) and Samsung (43%).”

“But Apple has yet to enter the wearables market. It announced the Apple Watch on Sept. 9, but it won’t be available until ‘early 2015.’ Recent speculation has put the release in March or April,” Seitz reports. “The Ipsos poll revealed that 18% of U.S. adults are ready to buy such devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch is poised to become a massive hit.


    1. So were the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and bigger iPhone, before they became the biggest things on the planet. Most people don’t need the Apple watch, but the brand is now so strong that they’ll think they do or think they’ll want one anyway, especially if the kids get excited about them.

      Speaking of which, I hope Apple figures a way to secure them to prevent theft, because I can see the crime rate spiking again. I expect we’ll see a touch ID sensor or lock code/gesture of some kind by the next revision.

  1. How is this even possible? Samsung must have about a dozen models of smartwatches by now, all more powerful than the one before it. Even lowly Microsoft has its Band. In fact, what company doesn’t have a smartwatch on the market? Only Apple and already people are saying the lowest model is too expensive. I’m really surprised most adults even know about AppleWatch. Maybe they see it when they go to the Apple Online site.

  2. I’d consider the iPod mini and nano to be the first super successful wearables, especially for running and at the gym. Some people even strapped one on their wrist.

    The Apple watch with wireless headphones is the new iPod. Of course it is going to sell way more than analysts think.

  3. This is the sort of thing that we used to attack Microsoft for. Internet Explorer was dominating the market before it even shipped.

    Of course the difference is that people can choose not to buy an Apple Watch.

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