The cord-cutter’s guide to free (and legal!) TV streaming

“In last week’s Cord-Cutter Confidential, I highlighted the many streaming video options available to anyone who can mooch a pay-TV password,” Jared Newman writes for Macworld.

“But watching free, streaming video on your television doesn’t have to be a morally dubious enterprise,” Newman writes. “As more people abandon their pay-TV services and the ridiculous prices that go with them, TV networks are putting more of their shows online where you can access them for free (well, you’ll need broadband service and a streaming device or video-game console).”

“You might have trouble getting your TV fix from these apps alone, they’re great supplements to a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime subscription if you’re cutting the cable cord,” Newman writes. “Here’s a list of networks that offer free streaming video on televisions, what they have to offer, and what hardware they require.”

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  1. IMHO, the problem at this point isn’t primarily a lack of content, it is that there are so many miscellaneous providers with little slices of the overall pie. I guess this is good but it makes finding interesting stuff to watch rather tiresome. With the result that I usually end up watching Netflix or, if there’s something I already know about, Youtube or Vimeo. I *maybe* get to PBS or Smithsonian or the History channel but never any farther.

  2. I agree, I don’t want to have 40 apps to find things or look at an app only to find they’re holding something back. And by the way, Jared Newman loses credibility for “cutting the cord” by encouraging people to steal others’ logins.

        1. I believe it. I hear the Fiji islands data rate is challenging. I even recall parts of western Australia being expensive and minimal in bandwidth. I expect downloading via satellite might be OK. But forget about upload speediness.

  3. Comedy Central… selection of full episodes for non-subscribers… South Park…
    –> Not any more! 🙁

    There are actually a lot more places and methods for finding streams of excellent stuff. But I’m reluctant to share. (I’m not talking about pirated torrents). It does megashare get into veetle a gray hola area. 😉

  4. This is not a cord cutters guide. This is the same go fishing expedition that has existed for a while now. Once there is one place to go to get lots of content free and legal. Then it will be a cord cutters guide but this story isn’t that at all. And the content isn’t guaranteed either. Some shows that you probably already seen might be there but not the latest ones. Can’t wait until some company finally breaks through with a real solution.

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