Apple CEO Cook makes ‘substantial’ donation for gay rights activists in U.S. South

“Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook, the highest-profile U.S. business leader to publicly acknowledge being gay, has made a “substantial” donation to a gay rights effort in his native Alabama and two other southern U.S. states, activists said on Thursday,” Jonathan Kaminsky reports for Reuters.

“Cook, who came out in a magazine essay in October, days after accepting an Alabama Academy of Honor award in a speech critical of the state’s lack of progress on gay rights, is giving an undisclosed sum to the Human Rights Campaign’s Project One America, an effort to promote gay rights in the socially conservative states of Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas,” Kaminsky reports. “The project has a three-year budget of $8.5 million and includes television advertisements, direct mail and a range of outreach efforts involving staff in each state, the group said.”

Kaminsky reports, “The gay-rights group chose to target the three states in part because they all lack non-discrimination protections for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people and have bans in place on gay marriage, it has said.”

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  1. Translation
    Socially Conservative = Religiously repressed, misinformed and poorly educated.

    I have lived in or right next door to all 3 states at various times in my life. The south is a ball and chain on progress in America.

    They preach that old time religion and have the highest rates of teen pregnancy, out of wedlock babies, illiteracy, HS dropouts, smoking rates and a lot of other less than proud to be categories. But they do love them some Jesus and want to impose him upon you- like it or not.

    Tim, thanks for the money.

  2. Yup, down here in the south, we are just dumb rednecks. Perhaps the real legislation that should be passed is a bill of rights for rednecks. Given Mr Cook’s background, people such as himself would benefit from such legislation.

    PS: all the negative statistics you cite would be quite different if you take African Americans out of the statistics. The real problem isn’t with “Socially Conservative” people it is a cultural problem within Black America. Oh yes, if by being “socially conservative” you mean being a Christian, educated, hard working, always employed, heterosexual, family man, then put me in that category. And Mr Cook knows full well he could benefit if he was in that category too, public statements not withstanding. He has chosen not to be in that category, that’s his choice.

    You will find the most ignorant are those would don’t think through what they think they are for. For example, government social welfare programs that many support are THE main cause of the cultural problems Black Americans find themselves in. And I don’t think you would want to be forced by law into working with a “transexual” or a “transvestite” who constantly disrupts the office. I’ve had that experience. And I really don’t think you want the law to limit your choices in bakers for your wedding cake.

    last thing: go buy yourself a Mercedes Benz SUV and take a look at that sticker on the door frame of the driver’s door. Those dumb rednecks can put together a good car. Or maybe, Mr Cook can thank those Rednecks in Savannah for his corporate jet.

  3. While I disagree with Mr. Cook’s point of view, it’s his money, and he should be permitted – like all of us – to spend it promoting his point of view if he so desires.

    I don’t believe that the “rights” he’s espousing are protected by the Constitution, but his right of free speech certainly is, and I will stand up for that right for him or for anyone.

  4. Here we go again! Tim Cook has his own bully pulpit as CEO of America’s Most Valuable Company. Many who consider him a brilliant manager and business leader will assume that he’s right in his view that homosexuality is a civil rights issue. Being a Progressive means that there are no unchanging absolutes of right and wrong. Without a Creator, we all are just evolving on our own and we are the judges of what is normal and ethical. This means that all moral codes must be revised as we become more enlightened. In coming years, this moral evolution will embrace even stranger sexual orientations and behaviors as not only normal but a right. There are millions of Americans who are not ready to accept this ever-evolving view of morals.

  5. Seems to be at odds with their Red campaign.
    I’m sticking with my iPhone 5 and will update my Mac with a lightly-used one.
    I treat all fellow humans with respect but respectfully decline to promote the spread of AIDS.

    As a long time Mac user, I’ve never seen the company this lazy. Now I know why. Cook is squandering Apple’s resources on the gay agenda.
    This is the last straw.

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