Apple looking to expand Apple Pay into Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia

“A new UK job listing posted on Apple’s website and uncovered by iClarified indicates that the company is planning to expands its payment service into Europe and elsewhere,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac. “It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Apple wants to put its iPhone 6-based payment system into as many hands worldwide as possible, but this is one of the first indications of a move in that direction.”

“The intern will be part of a new London-based team that will help roll the product out across Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia,” Beasley reports. “Specifically the intern will be responsible for handling contracts and non-disclosure agreements between Apple and third-parties like banks and retailers.”

Read Apple’s full job listing here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. I was thinking it might be the opposite as here it means a temporary type position for someone helping a more senior figure to learn on the job for little money mainly for students on release or post graduates just setting out. Indeed its a term in the UK that never really existed and we have imported from your side of the pond so this is a strange ‘insight’ into such supposed plans. Unless its someone to support others doing that job.

  1. Wait WAIT!!! MCX & CurrentC is “will be” the Apple Pay killer. Right.? Because corrupted Wall Street & naysayers say so. Right? Because CurrentC is far more innovative @ infecting your privacy, financial accounts and personal information. Right?

  2. Pay will catch on quickly with other banks and retailers just as it is in the U.S. I just read an article about clothing developed with metal fibers to prevent people with mobile phones from scanning the RFID chips in credit cards, which is very prevalent outside the U.S. (especially in Europe). Apparently these apps allow the thief to simply scan the entire contents of the card without the card having to come out of your pocket, wallet, etc. So much for that security.

    This makes the token use of Pay even more important in protecting payment systems and preventing identity theft. Pay is looking more and more like it could outgrow almost every other aspect of Apple’s business.

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