Wal-Mart dangles $129 iPhone 6, $229 iPhone 6 Plus to attract shoppers

“Wal-Mart Stores Inc., seeking to attract customers after the post-Thanksgiving rush, is selling Apple Inc.’s iPhone 6 for as little as $129, a reduction of $50 from the retailer’s usual price,” Lindsey Rupp reports for Bloomberg News. “Starting this week, the company is offering that price when customers buy the 16-gigabyte model and sign up for two-year contracts from AT&T Inc. (T), Verizon Wireless or Sprint Corp., according to the company. Wal-Mart is selling larger-screen iPhone 6 Plus for as little as $229, down from $279.”

“With the new discounts, Wal-Mart aims to drum up traffic two weeks before Christmas,” Rupp reports. “Less than 10 percent of Americans have completed their shopping for the holiday, the company said, citing the National Retail Federation. Wal-Mart also is selling the iPhone 5S for $49 with a contract, down from $79… Even before the cuts, the prices were below retail levels. The retailer is selling the iPhone 6 64-gigabyte model for $229, reduced from $279.”

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    1. And why would that be?
      With unlimited Data (Thanks, Steve Jobs) on an LTE network, what is the compelling need for highly overpriced memory?
      Next, check the resale values on Gazelle, the 16GB model retains more resale value on all versions of the iPhone.
      Next, for additional storage, SanDisk sells a device with both USB and Lightning connectors that can be loaded with data and work between your computer and iOS devices. It can also come along when you change devices.

      1. What you are really saying: Liberals don’t let other liberals shop at Walmart. And that makes for a superlative shopping experience. Hope Neil Young will remember … we don’t your kind around here anyhow … sweet home shopping …

  1. To every ignorant shopper, this will look like a 35% discount on the iPhone, as they consider $200 to be the full price of the device.

    In reality, the $70 discount represents a little over 10% off (on the $650 retail price of the standard model). On the 6 plus, the discount is even smaller (around 9%).

    This works well for both Apple and Walmart. Ans after al, it probably works well for consumers, since it is the steepest discount on a very new iPhone model, which rarely happens. And I’m sure Walmart will gladly eat the discount and pay Apple the full wholesale price for it.

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